Windows Phone HTC Hub Updated With Mango Features: Video

Word is the Windows Phone 7 HTC Hub has now received an update for smartphones that feature Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, and the update bring quite a few new features to the application, and of course we have a video of those new features for your viewing pleasure below.

The HTC Hub Updated for Windows Phone 7.5 video comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Pocket Now and delivers almost six minutes of the new and improved HTC Hub for Windows Phone.

The guys say that originally the HTC Hub for Windows Phone 7 app was somewhat useless and no doubt most unpinned it from the start screen, however this new and improved version features an updated two column live tile, cleaner user interface and is much faster.

The update has now removed the very long animated transitions whilst weather displays have been given a total redesign along with prettier weather animations and if you’ve added cities for monitoring the weather, tapping and holding will let you pin them to the start screen.

Furthermore if you are into stock watching, the update now offers a stocks screen, and just like the weather, tapping and holding a stock ticker will pin it to the start screen.

The HTC Hub update also delivers news panel that the user can add numerous preset news feeds to, which can again be pinned to the start screen via the tapping and holding motion or even pin the entire news section to the HTC Hub.

Anyway I’ll leave it right there so those that use the HTC Hub for Windows Phone 7, or used to use the hub, and now may wish to once again, check out the updated version of the HTC Hub for Windows Phone 7.5 Mango device for yourself…enjoy.

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One thought on “Windows Phone HTC Hub Updated With Mango Features: Video”

  1. Ndofsd says:

    Why is my HTC hub “Featured” tab cannot load?
    I even press “Get More” button but still nothing appears. I swipe around to “applications” and “games” but it still say “No result”. Can you help me fix it?

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