iOS 5 Assistant on video, Apple event unveiling

Only a few hours to go now and the Apple October 4 event will start, we are all hoping that Tim Cook will unveil the new iOS 5 Assistant features, along with the major iPhone 5 announcement. For now we can show you what the iOS 5 Assistant could look like on the new iPhone.

Rumours and news is getting real hot now, especially as we only have a few hours to go until Apple opens it’s doors to the biggest keynote of the year. Below is a YouTube video by Jan-Michael Cart via MacRumors covering the iOS 5 Assistant concept.

The iPhone 4 may have voice recognition, which is very good indeed but the new voice assistant is by far more advanced, the video provided below this article shows how the new feature works and we love the idea, lets just hope it is an idea that becomes reality.

You could send SMS messages by simply talking into the iPhone, this means you do not have to input anything other than voice commands, how about setting up a meeting by speaking into the iPhone and it speaks back asking how would you like to contact that person, i.e. via mobile or email etc.

We are hoping that Apple will reveal the new iPhone 5 today along with the possibility of an iPhone 4S, we are also hoping that Apple will unveil the new iOS 5 with public release dates, will Sprint get the iPhone? Much more will be announced today and we will be notifying you when the event starts.

The Apple event kicks off at 6pm GMT London time (10am Pacific Time), we will be covering all today so please join Phones Review on Facebook and Twitter, you can also get connected with Mark Chubb over on Google+

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    iOS 5 has some nice updates, including over the air updates and notification improvements among many others. Siri may be a good thing, will have to wait to see what all it will actually do.

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