Amazon Kindle Fire To Possibly Out Sell Apple iPad

When it comes to the tablet wars thus far the Apple iPad has been at the top of the league since it was first released, however there is a new kid on the block with Android that looks like it will possibly kick the Apple iPad off the top position and out sell it.

According to the guys over at Cult of Android, the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, which commands a price tag of $199 is set to topple the Apple iPad with the “biggest tablet launch ever.”

Apparently an unnamed, but verified source has given the guys exclusive screenshots of Amazon’s internal inventory management system Alaska, (Availability Lookup and SKU Aggregator) that shows the Amazon Kindle Fire is being ordered at a rate of 2k per hour, or in excess of 50k a day.

The figures show that since the day Amazon slapped the Kindle Fire on their website, a quarter of a million have been pre-ordered, and the guys say that if that rte keeps up by the time the Android slate officially goes on sale on the 15th of November Amazon will have 2.5 million pre-orders for the Kindle Fire.

The guy’s state that with figures like that, the Amazon Kindle Fire launch is likely to be the “biggest tablet launch in history,” and will beat both the original Apple iPad and the Apple iPad 2 in first month sales.

On April 3rd 2010 the Apple iPad sold 300k units in the first day with over a million in the first month, back in march 2011 the Apple iPad 2 sold 2.5 million in its first month, but if interest in the Kindle Fire continues along the line it has it appears the Android slate will outsell Apple’s tablet launches.

Now obviously pre-order aren’t the same as actual sales and demand could drop or people could cancel those pre-orders, but the opportunity does seem to be there for the taking.

So we’d like to know if any of our readers have pre-ordered the Amazon Kindle Fire, or if you intend to pre-order or purchase the slate once it becomes available, feel free to let us know by posting a comment to the area below.

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