Steve Jobs Died October 5, 2011: Apple’s Future

Steve Jobs 1955 to 2011, Apple founder and former CEO Steve Jobs has sadly died and we are saddened to be in a world without the visionary, he has given us products that have changed the world, he will always be Apple’s future

What will Apple’s future be like now? Steve Jobs has given us sensational products such as the Macintosh, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple TV and so much more, he is a will always be the main man when it comes to keynote speeches announcing new products.

Tim Cook, he done a great job on October 4 revealing a few products, but it just was not the same. Steve Jobs at the age of only 56 has left us here at Phones Review saddened by the loss of what we call a “Legend”, “Visionary”, but we know every time we use our iPhones, iPods etc he will always be a part of our lives.

Steve Jobs founded Apple back in 1976 with Ronald Wayne, Steve Wozniak and A.C. Markkula Jr. and it was these names that gave customers the Apple brand millions have come accustomed with.

We do not need to sit here writing about all the products that have come through Apple’s doors into the public, we know all the products very well indeed.

It was August 24, that Steve Jobs made the decision to step down as CEO and had the reigns over to Tim Cook due to poor health. He said that he could not meet such duties and expectations as Apple’s chief executive, we will not talk about his health problems as it saddens us to do so, we all know very well what Steve and his family was going through, Steve died peacefully surrounded by family.

We would like to pay tribute to the legend that gave us a future, a man who gave us a vision, and a man who gave the world life through technology. Every time we hold and use an Apple product Steve Jobs will be with us.

Steve Jobs was and will always be a part of our lives, please do use the commenting area below and leave your tribute messages.

RIP Steve Jobs, our hearts and minds are with your family and friends, but our lives will always be with you.


7 thoughts on “Steve Jobs Died October 5, 2011: Apple’s Future”

  1. Pauliejord says:

    His vision has changed the mobile phone and gadget market for ever,every time you listen to your tunes on your ipod or make a call on your iphone remember this great man !!!!!
    He was a ledgend……. r.i.p steve

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