iPhone 4S, iPhone for Steve: Limited Edition

The Apple iPhone 4S was announced on Tuesday this week, which was good news for some. Then sadly one day later former Apple CEO Steve Jobs left this world, could the iPhone 4S actually stand for “iPhone 4 Steve?”

Would be great if the S stood for Steve, ok this probably does not mean this at all but would be great to see a limited edition iPhone in remembrance to Steve Jobs.

New CEO Tim Cook and his Apple team should bang heads and release a new iPhone SJ limited edition (Steve Jobs), Mr. Jobs was born February 24, 1955 so it should be Feb 24th that Apple should release the limited edition to Apple fans.

We here at Phones Review would love for all to post their comments in the commenting area below, call this a “Release new limited edition Steve Jobs iPhone petition”, there are millions of Apple fans around the world and a new phone would mark respect to Steve Jobs and Apple followers.

The new iPhone could come with many different features, for example the glass back could have Steve Jobs engraved on it, or his face could be etched onto the glass, or how about iPhone 4S cases of old Apple products where it began.

Please let us know what special edition features you would like to see on the new iPhone if released. Thanks, please get the comments in by answering, “YES I would love to see a special edition Steve Jobs iPhone”, and then underneath that message give a few ideas of the features.


11 thoughts on “iPhone 4S, iPhone for Steve: Limited Edition”

  1. Calais92 says:

    i saw a picture where the bite out of the apple was steve jobs’ profile. if every 2011 apple product was released with that logo it would be pretty cool.

  2. 18singhu says:

    YES I would love to see a special edition Steve Jobs iPhone
    I think they should maybe put Steves Face as the boot logo and maybe they don’t have to make it a new phone it could just maybe be a firmware update

  3. Rosaleenkitty says:

    Id love to see it because it pays tribute n i love the idea of the bite out of the apple being his profile but the family would have to ok it n they might think it insensitive to do as a whole on the compan

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