iOS 5 GM Jailbreak, Sn0wbreeze download for Windows

You can now jailbreak the new iOS 5 GM (Gold Master) with Sn0wbreeze 2.8b8; this is the most popular jailbreak tool for Windows.

Thanks to hacker iH8sn0w and his update, you can now jailbreak iOS 5 Gold Master, its release notes include: instant IPSW detection, still has ability to hacktivate, no need for developer UDID check and it also preserves the iPhone’s baseband.

We found this information via iDB and wish to give them a big fat hug and a thank you as well, they mention that this jailbreak is tethered for all Apple devices with an “I” at the beginning (iDevices).

It does not include the old bootrom iPhone 3GS, and just a reminder that the Apple iPad 2 cannot be jailbroken, as you know on the iOS 5 GM with Sn0wbreeze. For more information on Sn0wbreeze and how to download it, please visit the source above that we added.

If you have tried out the new iOS 5 GM Jailbreak, Sn0wbreeze download for Windows, please do let us know by sending in your comments below. Thanks

As soon as we know more about the new Jailbreak iOS 5 GM on Windows with Sn0wBreeze, we will let you know more. We do not have iOS 5 GM so cannot test it ourselves, but we will dig a little more into this as soon as we can.


17 thoughts on “iOS 5 GM Jailbreak, Sn0wbreeze download for Windows”

  1. Tonycaple says:

    so what about us ipad 2 users i have the 3g and wifi model it came to me with 4.3.5 pre installed on it from shop it brand new i just need to jailbreak this thang now i have iphone 4 firware 4.2.1 jailbroken i just need this ipad to be done now its never been jb plz help me out if i get the ios5 thats around can i jb that or should i hang on to the 4.3.5 i have on it and w8 msg me at tonycaple@live.com

      1. Tonycaple says:

        @ kylersz why does the puntuation have anything have anything to do with it dude. : ) In the time it takes to write what you sent to me,you cojld of asnswered my original question,its not like im writting a letter and i also use a lot of text talk style writting. Its just a bad habbit i guess,but anyway if anyone can plz help me jailvreak ipad 2 as stated vefore. Then please feel free to message me please. Many thanks to you all in advance. : )

        1. Raoulduke2 0 says:

          because it makes people take you less seriously. if we are to go the trouble to concern ourselves with YOUR problems, then you should have the courtesy to respect the art of discourse and check your spelling and punctuation.

    1. Junu says:

      So far there is one and only one jailbreak for A5 chip (ipad2) which works only on 4.3.3 released by Comex. So you have to wait till some one discover any other user exploit as there is no boot rom exploit forA5

  2. Leehack78 says:

    I think I should give you more info on the red snow jailbreak I did.Cydia did install fine it was the tethered jailbreak.I installed a package from Cydia and It worked fine I powered off my iPhone which is when my boot up issues happened.

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