iPhone 4S Ownership Campaign: Pre-order registration

We here at Phones Review, would love to know how many of you have pre-ordered the Apple iPhone 4S. We would like to call this our very own ‘iPhone 4S Ownership Campaign’, call it a fan club; call it the ‘pre-order registration number count’. All we want to know is how many of you have decided this iPhone is for you?

Earlier on today we mentioned that the Apple Store UK has now updated its pre-order system, it did say the iPhone 4S would be with you October 14, but is now saying it will be dispatched within 1 to 2 weeks, surely this tells us that Apple in the UK has already sold out with its first batch.

This is why we would love for you to let us know if you have pre-ordered yours. Get the numbers in please as this help us know how many have been sold, please share this article and get the word out, the more you share the more people we get on here to confirm that they have pre-ordered the iPhone 4S via Apple UK.

We will share on Facebook, Twitter; it will also go onto my personal Google+ page.

Just so you know, we have pre-ordered our iPhone 4S 32GB but having a little trouble opening the order status page, for some unknown reason the Apple site is showing “We’ll be back soon”.

Anyway, please head on down to the commenting area and let us know if you have pre-ordered and what model it is being black or white and in what GB (16GB, 32GB or 64GB). Thank you so much for helping us understand.


20 thoughts on “iPhone 4S Ownership Campaign: Pre-order registration”

  1. i ordered 64gb white iphone 4s i was up all night as did not know what time pre ordering was but was worth it as now says 1-2 week waiting list and could get longer !!!!

  2. Toddvh says:

    in Australia, I’ve ordered 16gb black 4S… and received a confirmation email – am having similar issue going back in to see order status online though.

  3. Kab430s says:

    Ordered through Verizon website the iPhone 4S 32GB White.  Everything seemed to go through smoothly no Apple+ option but will ask about it after receiving my iPhone 4S, hopefully on Oct 14th which is what was indicated to me at after completing my order about 12:08 PDT time or 2:08CST.  I swear it seemed like Verizon started a few minutes before they were suppose to on the pre-orders, it didn’t take long to go through the process and complete my order.  Can’t wait to get my iPhone 4S.

    1. Ken in Cleveland, Ohio says:

      Hey there, yeah… I swear as well about Verizon.  I set my alarm to wake me up at 2:57am so I could be awake in time.  And I just logged onto Verizon’s site at 2:55am, and the site was up and operational before 3am, and I had my phone pre-ordered by 3:02am, Didn’t get my confirmation though until 3:23am, Now I am seriously jonesing…. Oct 14th seems like so far away… But it’s ok, the 15th is my birthday, Nice b-day present, just hope the phone is worth all the hype for the next 2 years…… 🙂

  4. Sbromell305 says:

    I ordered a white 16gb iPhone 4s through the apple website on my iPhone 4 at about 4:40am (eastern time). I tried ordering it through my apple store app (which was recommended on apple’s website) but it crashed.

  5. Louie Murillo says:

    Pre-ordered my Blk 16g when it was onsale on-line.. 🙂 What a pain that was but finally went through.. See now if I really get it on time oppose to folks buying them in store. 

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