iPhone 4S Pre-order Problems UK, Possibly Sold Out

If you visit the Apple UK Store and head on over to the pre-order page, you can follow the on-screen instructions such as choose a colour, and then what GB version you want, after you have done this it now says on the right hand side “Dispatched: 1-2 weeks”, it did say it would arrive for October 14th, does this now mean that the iPhone 4S has sold out?

We here at Phones Review have received many emails mostly containing iPhone 4S pre-ordering problems, this may have been the case for a little while so we decided to test this out, we ordered our Apple iPhone 4S 32GB via Apple UK Store online and it worked fine for us.

Apple did confirm that customers who pre-order would receive their iPhone 4S October 14th, this seems to be a different story now as it now says “Dispatched: 1-2 weeks”, this tells us that Apple have already sold out in the UK. Please check out our screenshot below of the pre-order page.

Please do let us know if you have tried pre-ordering your iPhone 4S, and of course if you encountered any problems on the way. Do you think the iPhone 4S has sold out now considering it says it will dispatch within 1 to 2 weeks?

Just so you know, we checked our Apple confirmation email of purchase and clicked on “Order Status”, as soon as we clicked this link it showed us the “We’ll Be Back Soon” page. Obviously millions of customers are checking out their order status and Apple is having problems with demand.

We will keep you posted; we will be on top of this from now on and let you know how things go.


6 thoughts on “iPhone 4S Pre-order Problems UK, Possibly Sold Out”

  1. Emma333 says:

    I’ve had exactly the same problem and was promised yesterday after speaking with online chat on the apple site that I would get my order on the 14th.  Anybody know what’s happening surely they can keep up with demand for one day’s pre orders?  If I have to wait until 21-28 October for my phone I’ll be very diasapointed.  As a new iPhone user, this will be a very poor start…

  2. Avatarkj says:

    I ordered first thing on the apple store app as the web page kept crashing and received a confirmation an hour or so later and its now nearly 23:00 and have checked the order status and it says dispached by 14th.

  3. K12kwd says:

    I ordered as soon as it came online, after having to go through banks fraud security and then apple rining me to confirm the order at 11ish I finally had my email, it says… processing items: dispatched > ships by 14th October but does that mean it will arrive?! Who knows 🙁

  4. A5heaven says:

    I ordered mine over the phone on the first day of pre-orders at the time the website was quoting a 1-2 week wait. The sales representative told me that this was only due to their stock computer automatically putting the wait time back due to the number of pre-orders and that I would receive mine on the 14th like everyone else. Yeah, sounds dubious, I know, but i’ll keep the faith and wait for Friday. Fingers crossed.

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