JailbreakMe (.com) Warning, Jailbreaks.me Coming

Everyone knows JailbreakMe very well indeed, and a new warning is going out to users mentioning that JailbreakMe.com will no longer be soon.

MuscleNerd has put out a warning that JailbreakMe.com should not be approached as it is being changed, coming soon is a new place for users to visit, which will be called Jailbreaks.me, and this is the place to be for jailbreakers.

JailbreakMe is the very popular web-based jailbreak tool, and its creator is none other than Comex. Apple recently took on Comex so it makes sense for JailbreakMe.com to change its name.

Seeing as Comex has moved on over to Apple this means that the JailbreakMe domain name has to go and that is why it is getting a new name. JailbreakMe.com is owned by ConceitedApps, they have sold the domain to make some money.

iDB reported that if you visited the site you would see a tribute for Steve Jobs, this is not showing anymore. MuscleNerd and Comex both mention that JailbreakMe could potentially be used for malicious purposes.

As soon as we know more about this we will let you know, in the meantime we guess you stay away from the website until further notice. We are only reporting the news, we are not responsible for any actions you make, we are not saying for you to stay away, and it is the sources that are saying this.

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