iPhone 4S only has 512MB RAM, more than enough

There is a new revelation, apparently the new Apple iPhone 4S only has 512MB of RAM rather than the first thought 1GB, oh you Android users are going to lap this one up.

We love both iOS and Android, each has its benefits, but we know that there will be a select few of Android users that will have a big fat grin on their faces. In reality most Android smartphones have 1GB of RAM, the question is “Why would Apple need to put 1GB in, if 512MB is good enough as it is still twice as fast as the iPhone 4.

No one know anything about the RAM, it was not mentioned at Apple’s keynote Tuesday gone, nor is it on Apple website under its tech specs. iDB reports via Eurogamer that Chair Entertainment’s creative director Donald Mustard claims that the new Apple smartphone only has 512MB of RAM and not the presumed 1GB.

The iPhone 4S does feature the new A5 processor like the iPad 2, the message via Eurogamer says “I’m still shocked that, with the iPhone 4S, I’m literally running around with a 1080p video camera in my pocket, with an eight megapixel camera, 64GB of hard drive space and an A5 chip with 512MB of memory. This is a really powerful computer, right?”

Phones Review Say’s: We are not taking any sides here, and we do know majority of Android phones feature 1GB of RAM, but surely if Apple has stuck with 512MB that surely means the iPhone 4S works very well indeed with this size.

There is nothing saying that 1GB of RAM or more will not be featured in the coming soon iPhone 5, and yes it will come just be patient.


8 thoughts on “iPhone 4S only has 512MB RAM, more than enough”

  1. Tony Walsh says:

    to be honest with you….


    ….the iPhone4S is the best phone I have ever


               and I have sold phones
    for over 8 years…


    Unfortunately, APPLE have created an simple and
    easy to use operating system that’s also sexy and smooth…


    Of course, LACK OF RAM, was the biggest issues
    that I ended up having with my 3GS. As there was not enough RAM to multitask multiple
    items, I had to use Cydia applications to disable features in the iOS4 firmware
    that the 3GS was never meant to be able to handle.


    If your old enough to remember the age of the
    NOKIA 5110, then you come from an age where NOKIA were the big boys in town….
    it felt like everyone had this unit for a long time…..everyone simple spent
    money on covers to personalise it and make it look pretty…


    Like NOKIA in the 90’s, APPLE have enjoyed
    being a leader in the mobile phone industry, unfortunately the ‘hype build up’
    that occurs before the release of the iPhone is the reason that one million
    units had been pre ordered on the first day the iPhone 4S was available.


    Nobody actually knew what the 4S had under the
    bonnet and simply ‘presumed’ that it would have to be up to market standard and
    competitive phones. Even though this device will likely be obsolete is 12
    months, APPLE where able to secure so many orders in a single day of trade.


    I kept the 3GS because I knew the 4GS or something
    similar would be released rather than the iPhone 5 that everyone was talking about,
    you just had to remember that the 3GS was the ‘upgrade’ to the 3G like the 4S
    is to the 4 which in my opinion was never ready to be released as the Ariel was
    shocking. Of course APPLE were able to sweep this under the big corporate matt
    by offering free ‘bumpers’ so that the handset would not lose reception if touched
    it a certain place.


    APPLE made up by releasing a very fast and
    reactive handset that can handle unlimited numbers of applications opened at
    any one time. Although I had conditioned myself to make sure all applications
    were closed off on my 3GS, I am enjoying the freedom of having this feature
    possible without losing functionality of the of the handset.


    If your an apple fan on a 3GS then get an
    upgrade you deserve it!!! iPhone 4 users should hang on for as long as you can
    but BE AWARE, its not long now until   applications start to utilise  the duel-core processing power which of course
    you don’t have making your device slower once more. If you can resist, stay on
    whatever firmware you are on as this is what was made for your iPhone. Upgrading
    to iOS 5 will decrease functionality and simply make you want to upgrade.


    Considering we just gave APPLE loads of our
    hard earned money to complete production on the iPhone5, I hope that they are
    working on a design that will simply brush us all off our feet instead of a upgraded
    unit that only sees the introduction of 4G/LTE.

  2. Kert says:

    There is a reason why Apple is the most profitable phone company in the world. It’s because their phones are NOT value for money. You pay $700 or $800 for a iPhone 4S with only 0.5GB of RAM when the latest $850 Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has 2GB of RAM. This is why I use an Android phone but have borrowed money to buy Apple shares.

  3. Rich says:

    The apple phones run with less ram because they strictly control how apps use RAM.

    Android is a much more open OS with much greater range of usage options for apps.

    As a result, many Android apps are memory pigs, and the Android OS is not tuned to correctly handle it. It will kill a battery in 20 minutes doing endless restarts of apps that were killed due to out of memory when other apps auto-restarted.

    If Android featured better memory management, and did not autostart so many unused features (Wallet, YouTube, Play Music, etc) , 512MB would be enough for anyone (in a phone)

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