N3xGen Theme Manager App, Android Market Beauty

Android users will just love this one, there is good app, and great apps and then we find one called N3xGen Theme Manager, which comes under the awesome apps. This application works with the pre-existing Android Market and finds the right theme for your Android device.

What we love about N3xGen Theme Manager is that it supports Launcher Pro, ADW Ex, ADW, Launcher Pro Plus, and T-Mobile Theme Chooser, custom roms that support Theme Chooser CM7.

All you need to do is install the application via the Android Market, register your theme over at N3xGenApps.com and register an account. Once you have set up your account visit the Developer CP” and click Add Theme near the top, then just enter the package information for your application, the category and theme you want, and then click import.

Please remember this is an app still in Beta, if you find bugs please do not shoot it down just yet if you find a few problems.

Other Main Features Include: Pain free system to submit your theme, Free/Paid filtering, Searching, Includes The New Fragment API, New Column layout, Faster And Smoother Page Scrolling, New Menu With Options, plus new Superbar Like Titlebar.

For more information please head on over to the Android Market and check out the awesome N3xGen Theme Manager, if you already have this application installed on your Android device, please do send in your personal reviews. Thanks

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