iPhone 4S Siri Assistant, The Love Affair

The new iPhone 4S will be releasing with the new “Siri Assistant”, will this be the case of the love affair? We can see this going two way, it will either become very addictive or it will just be complete waste of our time, let’s chat about a few things.

The new Siri feature will allow you to do many voice commands to make life that little bit easier, such as sending text messages via voice, set-up schedule meetings, and even make phone calls. The voice is a she, wonder if your wife pr partner will moan that you listen to Miss Siri more than her, oh this is going to be so much fun, humans ending up having a love affair with Siri.

Siri understands everything you say, she knows how to help you, she listens to you and knows what you mean, she talks back to you and bends over backwards to help your life run smoothly and quickly.

Here is an example, once I have the iPhone 4S in my hands from October 14th, I take a little walk through Bristol main town and I fancy something to eat, I then ask siri a few questions such as: “Is there any good pizza places to go around here?” She will then talk to you with replies such as “There is a Dominoes pizza in ????”

This system is so smart, after asking the question about pizza places she will let you know that she has found a number of pizza places within that area you are in, I could then say “What about Italian”? She will then list all the Italian restaurants’ in near you.

The scary thing is that she will keep questioning you until she finds or does what you want and need; the question is “Will she be fun and useful, or fun at first and then annoying. What ever the outcome I will be testing this very hard giving her many different question, I will try to confuse the hell out of her just for fun, it is not rude it is a test to see if she can cope.

Love the fact I could ask Siri things like “Text mum please”, “Call the doctors”, or what about “Set up a meeting with Mark Chubb via Phones Review”, Yes I know I am Mark Chubb but you get what I mean.

You can even ask her for directions and she will help you, she will find apps that can help you such as Google Maps, she will search the Web for you for sources etc. If you ask her to “Send Text To Mum”, she will ask you what you want to say, then you just use your voice and say the message clearly, she will then proceed to send the text message for you once you are both happy.

A Text Example: Ask Siri via your own voice “Text Mum I am popping round about 6pm”? She will then proceed to send the text message.

This is one of the best features on a mobile that we will test hard, and we mean hard. I just hope that my partner does not get jealous of my personal Siri Assistant, what Apple should do is allow women to change the voice of Siri to a mans voice.

Do you think this will be the case of a “Love Affair”?


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  1. Jnyce901 says:

    From the looks of a video displaying the leaked 4s, Siri has language options of English – US, English – UK, English-Australia, French, German. 

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