iPhone 4S Popularity Choice: What model and carrier

The iPhone 4S is not a disappointed like most have said it was, this new smartphone that was announced Tuesday gone left a few feeling a little let down. The iPhone 4S seems to be very popular indeed, so much so AT&T alone have already sold over 200,000 units breaking records.

If you visit Apple U.S and Apple UK, you will see that they are now saying “Dispatched 1 — 2 weeks”, which is an obvious sign that they have sold out.

Reuter’s reports that AT&T alone is in great demand for the iPhone 4S pre-orders demand. This is where we come in and want to ask you a few questions.

We here at Phones Review would love to know if you have pre-ordered your iPhone 4S, what colour did you choose (Black or White)? What GB capacity did you opt for out of the 16, 32 and 64GB? And the last question is “What network carrier are you buying from?”

Phones Review has pre-order the Black 32GB iPhone 4S, and we will be testing this smartphone and of course its new features, especially the new Siri Assistant.

Simply head on down to our commenting area and let us know what we asked about, here is what we would like to know in list form:

1. Did you choose the black or white iPhone 4S?
2. What GB capacity did you opt for out of the 16, 32 and 64GB?
3. What network carrier are you with, i.e: Verizon, AT&T, O2 etc (Worldwide choice)

Please answer in this order please, here is an example: I chose the black Apple iPhone 4S 32GB on O2 UK network. It is as simple as that; this helps us understand the market a little more, as well as you. Thanks


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    Please correct your writing. there are simple grammar and spelling mistakes. I’ve noticed bad english on at least 4 of your articles. Very unprofessional. 

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