O2 UK iPhone 4S Price List, Contracts & Tariffs

O2 UK is looking after its existing customers first, they now have the iPhone 4S on its website with details about the contracts and tariffs, including business users.

They are offering deals on 18 and 24-month contract tariffs, as well as an exclusive 12-month contract tariff for O2 customers.

Below we have taken screenshots of all the amazing iPhone 4S deals that O2 has to offer, you can head on over to O2 now and register your interest for your new Apple smartphone. When the iPhone 4S is ready for the public on October 14th, all you need to do is simply choose the minutes, texts, data etc that you want.

O2 offers data Bolt-Ons that include Tethering for iPhone, Visual Voicemail, and they give you the choice of £6 or £10 data Bolt On and get unlimited Wi-Fi. Existing O2 customers that wishes to get their hands on the iPhone 4S will be happy to know that you can get the iPhone 4S 16GB for free on a 900 minute 18 or 24 month contract, saving £49.99.

Just so you know, O2 will also be offering the iPhone 4S on its Pay & Go, we will let you know when this goes live.

Business users can enjoy the iPhone 4S on any 24-month tariff, if this is not for you then you can choose to pay for the iPhone 4S in full and then set up the 24 month or simplicity tariff, you will also be happy to know that O2 is offering existing O2 Business customers a range of 12 month tariffs.

Please do check out all the screenshots below of all the tariffs and prices of the new iPhone 4S, you can also check out all the O2 information here. Enjoy


4 thoughts on “O2 UK iPhone 4S Price List, Contracts & Tariffs”

  1. Apple fans think that because they pay ridiculous prices for their phones that their phone is better. So stupid. If I were to pay £136-300 for my phone there’s no way I’d allow myself to get stuck in a 2 year contract with a phone designed 18 months ago. Go Android and you won’t regret it.

    1. Trl_3 says:

      Acutally i have an android currently and i refuse to even call it a phone. It doesnt make calls, it doesnt perform even a 10th as well as my old obsolete iphone 3g. Dont listen to apple haters, jump off the hate bandwagon for a change.

    2. Dar says:

      Android fans think that even though they most probably haven’t owned an iPhone, they can still have an opinion. Fact of the matter is, in my experience I’ve never met an android user who didn’t regret getting one – and never met an iPhone user who said it was a waste of money.

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