iOS 5 Beta reveals Apple TV 3 (,1) Dual-Core A5

iOS 5 beta apparently reveals Apple TV 3,1 with a more powerful processor, and this is the Dual-Core A5 chip. The iPad 2 and the new iPhone 4S has the A5 processor within and now it seems a faster Apple TV has been found in the iOS 5 system.

Thanks to the code master over at 9To5Mac, they have found very deep within the iOS 5 file system references to a new Apple TV 3,1, the current Apple TV is 2,1. So this means a changing from 2 to 3 means major changes are coming soon.

We suspect the new model will stay within the same shape and design as the current small black Apple TV, but major changes inside the box will be a lot different. At the moment the current model plays 720p video playback because it has an A4 processor, so if the new model as an A5 we would say it will play back 1080p just like the iPhone 4S smartphone.

Other specs on the new Apple TV could be Bluetooth support, information is scarce at the moment, but thanks to the source above it could be possible for an A5 chip to be within.

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