Siri iOS 5 Dominates, now the forgotten 5 features

The new Siri Assistant that will come with the new iPhone 4S is getting a lot of attention lately; Siri iOS 5 feature outshines most of the other 200 plus features. Siri seems to be getting all the love at the moment so we thought we would share with you 5 other features within iOS 5 that are classed as the forgotten features.

There are over 200 features and we all know that the new Siri Assistant is the dominant one, but step back a little from this feature and let us tell you about the other 5 features that are exciting as well.

These are the top five features that have not had any attention at all, so here goes. iOS 5 will feature “Custom alerts”, this will allow you to set custom tones to your text messages, emails, tweets, reminders, voicemail and calendar alerts, the bit we like most about this is that you can set up custom text tones, ringtones and vibrations for each of your contacts. You will also notice once released a new “Buy More Tones” button, which will take you to iTunes where you can buy more if you do not have custom tones.

Another cool iOS 5 feature is “App storage breakdowns”; this is a very good feature to have because it will let you know how much space an app will take up on your iDevice. There will be redesigned Usage tab, which you will be able to find in settings under ‘General’, allows you to see how much space is available and how much you have used, it also gives you the full detailed per-app breakdown of the program’s size, not only that it will also give you details on its documents and data.

This screen will also allow users to delete apps thanks to a big red “Delete App” button.

Next up is “Configure Wi-Fi base stations”, this is all about being PC free where you can set up a Wi-Fi base station, if you have a Time Capsule, AirPort Extreme or AirPort Express you will be able to create a network and then connect to an existing Wi-Fi network, you can also replace an existing router all via your iOS device.

The 4th feature is all about “Text Improvements”, as we know Siri will help you send text messages without the need of typing the text, that is all good but what about other texting features?

Well within the new iOS 5 is the support for text and phase shortcuts, when you visit General in settings on your iOS device you will notice the keyboard sub-menu, this will allow users to set short phrases that expand into full sentences, numerical phrases etc.

It will allow users to expand email addresses and save additional mail signatures, it will correct certain words that are used often, you will be able to enter that word and expand and shortcut to help your word stay firmly uncorrected.

There is another text feature called “separate auto-correct”, there is a new define option which is available by tapping and holding the words, Emoji international keyboard and a new split keyboard option for typing using your thumbs. To open this keyboard feature you simply use two fingers to open on-screen keyboard while open, or tap and hold the keyboard button in the lower right corner of the screen. Nice

Next up is the “Limit iOS system privileges” this is all about privacy, Apple have now added a new “Limitation Option” for both in-app purchases and locations.

This allows you to switch on or off certain apps to have location privileges, basically allowing the user to turn off Traffic or Location-Based iAds. You can do all this within the Location Services menu under the General tab in settings, you can make such changes in General -> Restrictions, you can also add a passcode to this as well if you feel the need to great for Password toggle for app and in-app purchases.

Source — Mac Video

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