Nexus Prime Boot Animation Download, Video and Instructions

Phones Review Quickie Time, Android users can now download the new Nexus Prime boot animation; we have added a video, instructions and a link to the download as well.

The boot animation from the Nexus Prime (Galaxy Nexus) is now ready to download, Droid-Life posted instructions of this for the flashing in Clockwork Recovery, the only downside is that; if you are not rooted you will have to step back a little and move into /data/local or wherever your particular phone pulls media from.

The YouTube video courtesy of MotoDroidLife below shows this boot animation in all its glory, looks great doesn’t it?

You can download the Nexus Prime boot animation via Media Fire by clicking here Nexus_Prime_Boot.zip. Simply download this file and then add it to your SD card, once this has been done just reboot your phone into recovery.

Once you have done the above you will need to choose “install zip from sd card.” Then choose zip from SD card and select the file you downloaded from above, then all is left to do is “Go Back” and then reboot once it has finished running.

Please let us know what you think of this Nexus Prime boot animation download, if you have installed we would like to here from you. Your personal review gives us a better understanding. Please check out the video embedded below.

Source via MyDroidWorld


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