China App Control: Gmail and Android Market Block Confusion: Update

Sit back and get this into your system, China love to censor things that the government does not agree on if they believe it will affect the Chinese population, but cannot understand why they have out a block on the Android Market and the Gmail app, this is confusing.

We know that China censors a lot of things on the web; this is known as the Great Firewall of china, so why have they blocked the Android Market and the Gmail app?

Android Gmail and the Android Market are very big indeed, and we know that these two products are the key applications in everything Google such as the mobile OS. It has now been around 40 hours give or take that these two services have been inaccessible in China.

Not every Android user will be affected in China, because the majority do not own Android devices, but it is still a big pain for some. The only reason that Gmail has been blocked is all down to the constant hacks via hackers.

No official statement has gone live yet, so just going to have to wait for some answers, which we will notify you as soon as we know more. Is this for real, or just a complete accidental error?

So, what do you think is causing the block? If you have answers we would love to hear from you.

MocoNews says “Gmail for Android app is currently blocked in China, since Saturday morning. No email incoming, unable to send any out.”

We asked a friend via Google+ and they sent us an email, here it is:

“No one knows for sure, but I suspect it’s a combination of a few things

1) The Dalai Llama Hangout

2) Competing homegrown Android services (see http://techrice.com/2011/10/09/android-market-is-currently-blocked-in-china-here-are-your-alternatives/) and lots of stories on here http://www.renmedia.co.uk/news/

3) General Google/China troubles

4) Randomness (keyword blocking, etc)”


4 thoughts on “China App Control: Gmail and Android Market Block Confusion: Update”

  1. Dave D says:

    I’m in Beijing. The Gmail app is working fine on my phone. What’s interesting is that it’s a Meizu phone – a Chinese company which builds android phones. The pre-installed mail app is the google mail app, and the syncing is all through Gmail.

    An odd choice for a Chinese company.

  2. North Mandarin language says:

    why the North mandarin speaking (chi,na) soviet union scripts writing government BLOCK gmail , and android market is because the security of Gmail is SUPER STRONG! North mandarin speaking mandarin (chi,na) intelligence agency can’t spying on the server , however , it doesn’t happen in  163 mail , sina mail , ect , because those web already own by North Korea and South Vietman

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