iPhone 4S Antenna May Be Ammo For Infringement Suit

Well now it appears that Apple may just have a fight on their hands with Samsung due to the new iPhone 4S antenna and could possibly be used as ammunition for another patent infringement suit by Samsung against Apple claims an expert.

According to an article over on Slash Gear by way of 9to5 Mac and Danish site Comon, the same expert that predicted the iPhone 4 antenna problems, antenna expert Gert Frølund Pedersen, the antenna in the iPhone 4S may possibly infringe of Samsung patents.

Apparently the expert believes that the new iPhone 4S antenna will fix the antenna issue found when holding the iPhone 4 but asks if Apple actually holds the permission to use such technology inside the antenna, and he along with other experts think Apple may well find themselves on the receiving end of another Samsung patent lawsuit.

Apparently back in 2007 old Samsung purchased the patents in question and thus far has not used them as ammunition against Apple in their ongoing patent dispute and said patents apparently cover “anything that switches between multiple antennas.”

The two patents the expert believes Apple will infringe upon relate to “apparatus and method of selecting and appropriate antenna in a system utilising multiple antennas.”

Pedersen says, “I can not say that they are directly breaking the patent, but there are not many ways they can choose the right antenna, without coming to break many patents.”

As you are no doubt aware, Apple is attempting to bock the sales of Samsung Gear in many countries, while Samsung is already seeking a ban of the iPhone 4S in both France and Italy, and if this new info turns out to be spot on then Samsung now has more ammo to throw at Apple in getting the iPhone 4S banned.

Perhaps it is time, Apple and Samsung finally got round that table and strike up a deal that would end this patent fighting once and for all otherwise not only will Samsung devices be unavailable to the public, but possibly Apple’s latest iOS smartphone as well.

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