MEGAMAN LuxMeter iOS App for Lighting Tips and Levels

If you are finding your energy level usage are running rather high and own an iOS device there an application available that can deliver useful tips on the use of energy-efficient LED or CFL lamps along with delivering the ability to measure the light level in a room.

The iOS app is called MEGAMAN LuxMeter, an is a light measurement tool for checking if there is enough light in your workspace or living space and can also provide tips on which light bulb to choose and delivers light readings I the Lux measurement which are the units due to replace Watts as the standard measure of light bulb performance.

The MEGAMAN LuxMeter app works via the iPhone camera and will instantly measure the brightness of any room whether in the office, at home, in a shop, or school and is easily initiated at the simply touch of the “OK” button.

With the MGAMAN LuxMater iOS app, the Lamp Finder function identifies an economic replacement for existing low efficiency halogen of incandescent lamps, and the user can select the shape of the bulb or snap an image of it and the Lamp Finder will deliver a list of recommended LED and CFL alternative lamps for saving energy.

The MEGAMAN LuxMeter app also features Energy Saving Cal that helps identify energy and money savings by considering the cost of the entire installation and entering quantity of lamps, hours of operation, and electricity unit cost the feature will show the user how much could be potentially saved by opting for LED or CFL bulbs.

For those that wish to take advantage of this energy saving iOS app the MEGAMAN LuxMeter app can be downloaded to your device as a free application from iTunes.

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