HP TouchPad Android 2.2 Private Investigation, Port Me

Someone has been a very naughty person, HP are launching a private investigation into the shipping of HP TouchPad devices with Android 2.2 on them, HP are not happy at all that the tablet’s were allegedly purchased with a version of Android on them.

The HP TouchPad has caused a lot off attention lately, especially when it comes to them having the Android operating system within, it also got many customers on the edge of their seats when they were selling for only $99 per unit, this was a frenzy beyond belief.

According to ZDNet US the TouchPad was running an Android 2.2 kernel, and we all know that HP shipped these tablets with webOS 3.0 official out of the box.

HP’s open-source program office director, Phil Robb recently released an official statement saying that this matter is now under the private investigator mode. We here at Phones Review feel sorry for the ones that get caught during this private investigation.

Apparently some HP TouchPads have been purchased with Android on them, we know for a fact that HP would not allow this, but we do know you can port Android into your TouchPad and HP have not got a problem with this, because what you do with your product once purchased is up to you.

HP confirms that they would never authorise the distribution of any version of Android on the HP TouchPad, HP said “We presently believe that some person or persons unknown may have facilitated the delivery of these Android-based units strictly against the policy and authorisation of HP”.

They also said “For those of you in the development community actively working to port Android to the TouchPad, we applaud your efforts”.

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