iPhone 4 Cases Do Not Fit 4S Handset

Phones Review Quickie: As you are no doubt aware, Apple has now delivered the next iPhone, the iPhone 4S and if you intend on upgrading your current iPhone 4 to the iPhone 4S it appears that if you use a case for your iPhone you’ll need to purchase a new one as well as word is your old iPhone 4 case will not fit the iPhone 4S.

According to an article over on Ubergizmo by way of Android Sale, although the iPhone 4S looks much like the current iPhone 4 you will need to shop around for a new case and screen protector, as the guys got hold of an iPhone 4S and done a side by side comparison and found there are a few changes.

It appears that the iPhone 4S has changes in the location of the buttons and judging by the side-by-side image it appears that the right side iPhone buttons have been slightly moved with the “hold” button slightly more obvious than the volume buttons.

One could figure that this slight adjustment should enable case makers to offer news cases for the iOS faithful rather than have them stick with their original case, and thus if you are contemplating snapping up the iPhone 4S you should also consider a new case.

Apparently though it isn’t known if the Verizon iPhone 4S will have the same slightly moved button locations, so one would suggest that you receive your iPhone 4S before making any decision as to whether to pick up a new case, but its looking like you will have too if you want to protect the handset.

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14 thoughts on “iPhone 4 Cases Do Not Fit 4S Handset”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The iPhone 4S is the exact same shape as the CDMA iPhone 4. Any case out there that fit the  iPhone 4 on Verizon will fit the iPhone 4S. Also there is only one model of iPhone 4S that fits all carriers.

    1. Applelovr says:

      Many people contacted Otterbox about the 4S not fitting. Otterbox denied such. I tried one on my Verizon 4S phone and it DOES NOT fit right. the headset jack is moved slightly. The box says “4S”, so there is no excuse. 

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