iOS 5 jailbreak Tweaks via PreferenceLoader, Activator

When it comes to iOS jailbreak Apple users go crazy for as much information as possible, one of the most popular was jailbreaking iOS 5 GM using Sn0wbreeze. Well today we will talk about iOS 5 jailbreak tweaks via PreferenceLoader, Activator, the first being the biggest.

Users will be able to tweak the iOS 5 settings by using PreferenceLoader, many jailbreak tweaks will not happen without this new tool, iDB says at least not function as intended.

Creator and developer, Dustin Howett is the one behind PreferenceLoader, and has been waiting on the new iOS 5 to get close before her released this brilliant utility.

This PreferenceLoader utility is now available and many jailbreak developers will love this tool because it allows them to update tweaks and apps, which means it will be fully compatible with iOS 5. Aaron Ash and Ryan Petrich have both released updates to multiple tweaks that include Barrel, Activator, Action Menu, RetinaPad, CyDelete and many more.

Please do watch the YouTube video below provided by ‘myjailbreakmovies”, they have titled this video “PreferenceLoader Officially Updated For iOS 5, Along With Activator, and Others”

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9 thoughts on “iOS 5 jailbreak Tweaks via PreferenceLoader, Activator”

  1. Bpertz3 says:

    for some reason, preferenceloader isn’t showing up at all. I installed Activator, and Preferenceloader was installed with it. But when I got into Settings.app, there’s nothing for Activator. I tried a couple other tweaks, and same result: nothing is showing up. Any ideas? iPod Touch 3G with iOS 5.

    1. Jadoresf says:

      Did you reinstall everything? including the PreferenceLoader? Because even with the preferenceloader and reinstalling the tweaks, it didn’t show up in the settings. 

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