Download Nexus Prime Wallpapers, Ice Cream Sandwich Dream

It is that time for more Samsung Nexus Prime loving, there is a lot of news coming in now covering this upcoming smartphone, and now we have some amazing Nexus Prime Wallpapers.

You can download a little of the Android Ice Cream dream wallpapers, below this article we have put together the whole Galaxy Nexus wallpapers that have been released for download, just click on any image to enlarge.

We just wish to say a huge thanks with a smile to MyDroidWorld for the photos, please do visit them for more information.

Droid-Life reports that @P3Droid was the one that notified them about getting the Ice Cream Sandwich dream before anyone else. To install these stunning wallpapers please visit ICSWallpapers.apk and enjoy.

To install just click on the .apk link above and then install just like you would any non-Android Market app.

Our favourite Samsung Nexus Prime wallpaper has to be the green leave one, this looks stunning and would be our must have. Please do check out the Nexus Prime Wallpapers, Ice Cream Sandwich dream photo gallery below and let us know what one is your favourite.

We reported a little earlier today that the Nexus Prime release date is now set for November 3rd, this means that you are looking at an announcement somewhere around October 27-ish. The Nexus Prime is one of the most anticipated devices to come to market, the iPhone 4S has had a lot of attention and we can see the same happening for the new Android smartphone.

Thanks, any comments most welcome.

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