NDRIVE MOBILES Android App For Electric Cars Under Development

NDRIVE Navigation Systems is currently working on a project to deliver eco-renewable services with smartphone app integration for electric vehicles and the Android platform that helps drivers of electric vehicle be aware of the changing conditions of their battery whilst locating the neared charging place in real time.

The NDRIVE MOBILES project aims to deliver the opportunity for drivers to interact with an online web platform that facilitates syncing route plans and favourites from Google Maps to the application to ultimately improve efficiency.

The MOBILES project explores increased mobile accessibility through Bluetooth to deliver details on the current charge of electric vehicle batteries and the nearest charging point, and when the app is synced with the vehicle users will be able to configure alarms for differing battery levels, compare charge station pricing and build routes based upon the info.

The CEO of NDRIVE, Luis Baptista says, “We believe projects such as MOBILES are important developments for the expanding mix of premium services mobile applications can provide. NDrive would love to contribute effort into ‘Green mobile solutions’ while continuing to assist travellers comfort and security.”

Apparently the project is currently in the R&D stage but apparently users should expect these types of services to be available in the near future although there’s no word on just when Android smartphone users with an electric vehicle will see the new app materialise.

I figure if you own an electric vehicle then having a mobile app that would be able to monitor your battery charge and show you where the nearest charging point is would be a very handy app to have, as long as it does what it says on the tin.

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