iOS 5 is now live, go download

Phones Review Quickie: Head on over to iTunes because the new iOS 5 is now live, go update it now. This is going to be a very busy day for Apple and its servers.

We have plugged in our iPhone 4 and clicked the update tab in iTunes, it asks a few questions that you have to agree with and then it starts, obviously you have to download and then install. At the moment it says that the download part will take 61 minutes, but trust us when we say this will be much longer and will continue to get longer the more people smash Apple’s servers.

Stay with us for many updates today, we will be supplying you with so much news and updates. We will let you know how our iOS 5 download and install goes.

Please let us know how your update goes as well, thank you.


85 thoughts on “iOS 5 is now live, go download”

  1. Modelstyle619 says:

    My computer is downloading a Safari update, iTunes update, and a security update. Been going about 20 minutes now and fluctuating between 20-30 minutes to go.

  2. Lorna says:

    I keep getting a connection timed out error.  The downloading time remaining will go down to less than 60 seconds, then slowly start to go back up, then I get the error.  Any suggestions?  Anyone else having this problem?

  3. Si says:

    Started downloading 6.08GMT – showed 774.4MB (6 minutes)
        now 6.50pm and downloaded 532.0mb with 17 minutes remaining.
    First 500MB went fast……now going at a snails pace

  4. Si says:

    What?   ios5 installed and phone set back to factory settings.  Now restoring the phone from previous backup (from earlier today).   Will take approx 24 minutes

  5. after downloading the update via apples and when it comes to installing the software i get an error saying there is a problem with your connection!!! has anyone else received this error? please help guys???

  6. John from Michigan says:

    iTunes told me the current version is 4.3.5, too, but I selected Update anyway, and it the3n told me iOS5 is available.  The download took a half hour on Comcast at 22 Mbps, and just now started to install.

    There goes my jailbreak… for now.

    1. John from Michigan says:

      After I downloaded the new iOS5 on Windows 7 64 bit, and applied it to my iPhone 3GS, iOS4.3.3, jailbroken phone, the install program would try to back up my current iPhone.  It came back several times and told me the backup failed or the restore failed.  My phone still worked after each failure, though, thank goodness.

      I rebooted my PC, none of the other suggestions from iTunes pertained to me.  Finally, the backup completed and right now it is close to being done installing iOS5.  It looks like it’s going to work this time.

    2. John from Michigan says:

      I did get through the upgrade.  It took a while to sync all my music and contacts and such, but it’s finally done.

      When I started my phone, it had me select things such as location services, then log in, accept the license agreement, and then choose whether to use iCloud (I said yes), sync and backup to iCloud (I chose that instead of my disk), `use Find my iPhone, and I guess there are some other choices coming.  I had to verify my Apple ID e-mail account, which I did.

      Hmm, it seems stuck on “Use Find My iPhone”… I expect it will get past that, eventually.

  7. Skippy says:

    just downloaded and installed itunes 10.5, plugged in my phone to install ios 5, and itunes doesen’t recongize my phone anymore, are you KIDDING me?

  8. Cathy says:

    I downloaded 700+MB to itunes but it won’t restore or verify the update keeps saying internal error but no error number. Do I need to download the update again? Does anyone know how to make itunes download it or should I just be patient? Thanks

    1. Anonymous says:

      I had similar problem. After it downloaded IOS5 it kept giving various errors, e.g. apple server problem or restore problem. I just kept trying the restore part and after about 3 or 4 goes it restored OK. The download took about 1.5 hours and the restore, back-up and restore back to iPhone took about another hour or so.

      Be patient and read messages on the screen carefully, especially when asked to restore from back-up or start the iPhone as a new phone.

    2. Squeezy27 says:

      I had the same!! I have now tried with iPod touch 3rd gen and got same message. Someone else advised to back up your device then in iTunes click to restore to factory settings. When it restores it loads ios5!! You can then restore your data from your backup. Tried on iPod touch first as didn’t want to risk losing stuff on my iPhone and so far so good – just restoring backup now which is taking a while but then my whole music library is on there! iOS 5 has installed successfully though.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I’m no expert but this is my iOS5 update experience.

    Using MacBook OSX Snow Leopard 10.6.8  & Iphone4.

    1. Update iTunes to 10.5 before you do anything.
    2. Back-up your iPhone on iTunes.
    3. Re-start your computer.
    4. Connect iPhone to computer & iTunes.
    5. Click on Update in the middle of the screen, this should start auto download of iOS5, it took me 1.5 hours or so. It then goes through several restores and back-ups. Eventually switches off & on your iPhone. Then asks you on the iPhone if you want iCloud (you can choose no and do this later if you like). Then asks you if you want restore from back-up, (which I did)  or start it like a new phone (which I guess means you won’t have your old data).

    It did have a hiccup after downloading and it wouldn’t go any further, giving various error messages. I ended up restarting my computer and kept clicking Update and after 3 or 4 goes it finally worked.


  10. BaconBit says:

    now on my 8th attempt to download… get error 3259 every time… nothing like downloading more than 4GB for 1 file that is 668MB.  NOT IMPRESSED!!!!!

  11. Kalqinneh says:

    i click update to download the new software but it tells me you have to back up your apps first and sync … once it does that after ATLEAST 3 hours it just ends the process with no attempt to download the new OS… i click update again after the backup and sync process and same garbage happens again!!!!!!! 

  12. Danielmorgan16 says:

    Tried updating my i phone 4 last night kept havin error messages and now cant restore my phone and i tunes doesnt reconize my phone just keep having th apple logo!

  13. Macman2 says:

     In South Africa its saying 8 hours just to download iTunes 10.5 grrrrrr I downloaded the IOS5 at work took 30minutes now I need to get iTunes………… oh well off to bed in a few hours and see if it completed by the moro…..

  14. Hloni002 says:

    i have the file and the latest itunes but i don’t know how to use the file to update my phone, if anyone could offer a step by step or a link to it 

  15. Alexb_12 says:

    i have tryed 15 time to download the ios 5 and it keeps timing out and says cant connect to server completely and hope someone can give me some advice thank you

  16. Randy says:

    SAME PROBLEMS: I had the same problems many times last night because Apple’s server was
    overloaded with millions of people trying to download.

    SOLUTIONS: You can trick
    their server like this: while downloading iOS 5, try to surf around
    their iTunes store. Hence, Apple’s server won’t time you out. Make sure
    you click frequently. Don’t stay idle more than 15 seconds.
    The best way is try to watch a
    free video tutorials from iTunes U. Because it is streaming, so the
    server keeps keep you connected. You will complete downloading in about 30
    minutes (in my case). Good luck!

  17. Annie says:

    I have been having the same issue, getting the error message 3259. I manually backed up my iPhone 4 by right clicking on the device and also disabled the firewall completely. Right now (fingers crossed), it appears that the download is working. It says I have 22 minutes left and it is actually progressing. I have tried other various ways, like bypassing iTunes altogether and have no success. This is day 3 of this process, but I really want that camera feature on the lock screen!

    1. Annie says:

      This did work. It took awhile for the phone to update, but it is completed. I believe that the error had to do with the firewall, so by turning off your firewall while downloading you should not get the 3259 error and should be able to complete download in a reasonable period of time.

  18. Fran-54 says:

    Trying to download update and it keeps telling me connection timed out, failed. has anyone got any suggestions, as I have checked my settings and Wi Fi is connected

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