iOS 5 bad news, update removes iPad multi-touch gestures

Today is the day iOS 5 goes live to the public, it looks like it will happen at 6pm UK time and 10am US time, but this new update comes with some bad news. The iOS 5’ update removes iPad multi-touch gestures, ouch.

We know you have been waiting all day, and thank you for sticking with us. Many will be very happy indeed but original Apple iPad users will be left ripping their hair out after the update.

If you do own the original Apple iPad, we suggest you think again about updating to iOS 5 unless you do not mind losing your multi-touch gestures. A few gestures will be gone and the interesting part is that Apple brought to the table developers-only feature in iOS that allowed users to plug in their tablets to Xcode on a Mac, this was put in place to enable systemwide four- and five-finger Multi-touch gestures.

Multi-touch gestures allowed users to use the swipe feature with four to five fingers to bring up things such as multitasking panel, switch between running apps, pinching gestures etc, you know all the ins and outs so we do not have to go into detail.

If you really love Multi-touch gestures on your Apple iPad 1, stay away from iOS 5, iPad 2 users will still be able to use the Multi-touch gestures.

Stay with us as we will be writing a lot today about the new iOS 5, it will go live within the next 40 minutes or so.

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13 thoughts on “iOS 5 bad news, update removes iPad multi-touch gestures”

  1. Hatingapplerightnow says:

    I cant believe this BS!  I didnt realize how much I use multi touch until it quit working!!!! I am furious that those a-holes did this.  I just dropped cash on their new 4S and they expect me to go out an buy a new iPad 2 too.  If SJ was alive i would punch him in the face!!!!

  2. Why dis a 1 year old product? says:

    WTF! Why can’t iPad 1users have the multitouch gestures!?!? If this was already functional then there is no reason this feature should be limited to the iPad 2.

  3. Mallon80 says:

    Anyone else notice that the new Gesture icon in the lower right hand corner overlays the 1X – 2X toggle button that lets iPhone apps change size in a iPad? Clicking it only brings up the Gesture control box and the toggle can’t be accessed. If you disable Accessibility in Settings/General than the icon disappears but leaves you without that new function.

    1. Colin says:

      You can drag the AssistiveTouch button to a few pre-defined places along the left and right edge of the screen (top bottom and 2 snap points inbetween)

  4. Just makes me wonder if I have been avoiding Flash by using this tablet for no other reason than to make Apple mroe money. I accepted the fact Apple does not allow it, and even believed in their reasons. But after this, how am I to believe anything Apple says. They tell me my iPad can’t run gestures, even though I have been using them for months… just like they said the iPad can’t run Flash even though all other tablets do it fine, like my xoom. I think the spin doctors need more smoke and more mirrors because things are getting very clear very fast.

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