iOS 5 Release worldwide time zones: Update

The big wait for Apple to switch the button on for customers to download the new iOS 5 is painful, so we will help you a little here by giving you the iOS 5 release worldwide time zones.

We are getting bombarded with comments, emails etc with the same question “What time is iOS 5 going live?” well maybe we have the answer.

We have already said on numerous occasions that this update will happen at 10am Pacific Time US and 6pm GMT UK time, and we will continue to stand by it and to make things better even are 99-percent sure of the times, product-reviews.net have even provided the time zone list (Image below).

Most major Apple OS updates that happen have always been the same time, so it stands to reason especially now seeing as it is 14:20 in the UK that 6PM is the time to hit the update button.

This is big news, so much so our article we did yesterday titled “iOS 5 download time countdown, what to do”, has had over 1672 comments. Join the conversations happening there and have your say. Please do join Phones Review on Facebook and Twitter for instant updates; you can also connect with Mark Chubb (That is me) over on Google+

Please head on over to product-reviews.net to see the time zone image, they are good lads.

Update: The new iOS 5 is now live, many are having problems downloading. Please visit this discussions page You can also visit this page as many are commenting about the new update, so far 2500 comments.


162 thoughts on “iOS 5 Release worldwide time zones: Update”

  1. Tuksmaestro says:

    5PM in South Africa. I’m waiting in my office(after hours), and pressing my update button more aggressively than any Diablo 2 player ever did. Cant wait.

  2. Onemykl1 says:

    Enuff already. release the d@mn thing already.  For us folks in the East Coast (i.e., center of the universe), 1.2 our day is already gone.

  3. steve jobs assistant says:

    Why is everyone so frustrated? it wont update until the bloke who works at apple walks into the office and presses a button which sends it out to everyone, its 9:17 am in California now.The UK will receive it at 6pm. east coast USA at 1:00 pm just wait that little bit longer.

  4. sneak 20 says:

    For me iTunes wont connect to the apple servers right now. I cant even load the iTunes store.  Im guessing they are working with the servers

      1. sneak 20 says:

        That’s what I figured.  Was just giving an update to what seems to be going on.    I kind of think they should roll the update out.  For example.  East coast to west coast that way the servers don’t get pounded.  I guess if they can handle it then go ahead.  I’m not the one working for Apple lol Though I wish I was

  5. Jade says:

    pretty sure the servers are playing up bigtime, just click check for update, it said usual thing about update and install, so i click that, nothing happens… click check for update again and it says i have the current version 4.3.5 … :/

  6. Petelguard69 says:

    has anyone got a definate uk release hour? been looking forward to updating all day at work :/ (work for a mobile phone retailer! (ironic) lol

  7. RedReed says:

    If I’m on iOS 4.3.3,didn’t bother updating to iOS 4.3.5, would I have to update to that first before I can receive the notification for updating to 5.0.0? Someone please tell me! Thanks!

  8. sneak 20 says:

    Still not working for me here either.  Im in Columbus, Ohio for anyone wondering.  I’ll just keep trying.  It has found the update and it asks if I want to update or not.  Got as far as to where it tells me I have purchased things on my iphone and am I sure I want to continue.  When I try to download still says it cannot connect to the server.  

    1. iOS5 Lover says:

      You may have a 2nd Gen iPod Touch? iOS 5 compatibility list:

      iPhone 3GSiPhone 4
      iPad 1iPad 2
      iPod Touch:
      iPod Touch 3rd GenerationiPod Touch 4th Generation
      iOS 5 will not be compatible with the following devices:
      iPhone 3G, iPhone (original), iPod Touch 1st Generation, iPod Touch 2nd Generation

  9. sneak 20 says:

    Finally got connected to iTunes server.  iTunes store still seems to be down though.  I have at least got the download started.  I have been trying every few minutes since 1pm est lol

  10. Sean Duty says:

    Hey alex,

    4.2.1 is probably the current one on your phone.
    On Itunes mine said that I could update to 4.3.5 but when I pressed update it said that 5.0 was available and did I want to update the new version. Mine been dowloading for about 20 mins ort so.

  11. Sean Duty says:

    not sure how that can be! the latest verion before 5.0 was 4.3.5 not sure where you’re getting
    4.2.1 from? are you on the latest itune 10.5??

  12. KCarter says:

    In South Africa I just plugged in my iPhone and the screen says the (old) software is up to date and iTunes will check for new software on the 14th (Friday). Last week it said the 12th, yesterday it said the 13th. Waah.

  13. pierre badenhorst says:

    i keep getting error ” there was a problem downloading software for the ….. The network connection could not be established” – tried wifi only, on imac on mac air – nothing works get same message on all of them. I am connected to istore since i just downloaded Iphoto app and I am on this website so clearly I am connected! In Cape Town… any help pls! 

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