Galaxy Handsets Upgrade by Samsung Circumvents Dutch Ban

As you probably know, Apple is continuing their onslaught against Samsung to get the companies Galaxy range of devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy S II banned in certain countries, and recently a Dutch court rules that Samsung infringed on one Apple patent and thus placed a sales injunction on three Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

The three Samsung devices the Dutch court banned are the Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy S II and the Samsung Galaxy Ace; however according to a report by Reuters, Samsung have stated that they will soon release updated versions of the banned Galaxy devices in Europe that will circumvent the ban.

Currently Apple is battling with Samsung in over twenty cases in ten countries with Apple claiming certain Samsung Galaxy devices copy the look and feel of their iOS devices, I’m sure you already know the low down of the issue.

The court ruled an injunction on sales of the Sammy devices in some European countries, but allowed a “grace period” for Samsung to address the infringement by the 14th of this Month.

James Chung a spokesperson for Samsung says, “We’ve fixed the technological problem, and upgraded products to address the issue. They will be shortly available for sale.” However Chung didn’t offer any confirmed launch date for the upgraded devices.

So if Samsung has found a way round the ban it will no doubt put a bit of a flea into Apple’s ear, and if successful against the Dutch ruling perhaps the same upgrades will also remove any other threat of bans on Samsung gear in other countries such as Australia.

Hopefully if all goes according to Samsung’s plan perhaps this will finally put an end to the ongoing dispute between the company and Apple, although I doubt it, as no doubt Apple will find something else to bicker about.

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