iOS 5 public problems and discussions

Wonder how many of you are not at work; are you at work or at home waiting for the iOS 5 to release? Today is a very big day because the new iOS 5 will go live at some point, and when it does we want to be here for you.

We have decided to start our very on dedicated iOS 5 public problems and discussion page, this is a place where all iOS 5 downloader’s can come and discuss anything iOS 5.

Millions will be updating their Apple devices today via iTunes, you may have questions, problems or maybe answers for other readers you would like to discuss. We want this to be one of the popular pages to come to and make it a community base for you all.

We get many thousands of emails a day asking about the new iOS 5, so it makes sense to set up a page for all to lounge in.

If you have a question, or a problem with iOS 5 once it goes live, or maybe you have updated via iTunes and it went smoothly, we want to know all as so do other readers. Get the discussions rolling and head on down to the commenting area below; let’s make this the place to be for iOS 5 public problems and discussions.


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      1. Neel says:

        the GM means Golden Master and this is the final release beta for devs… i got all of them and its quite the same thing as the official ios 5. but rather wait cuz its kinda hard for an starter to without an dev account to get the gm working

  1. Chris says:

    I also have the GM.  To me, it feels snappier.  No lag on the 4.  iOS 5 gives the user the ability to manage more of your apps on the phone.  Reminders are pretty decent.  I love the fact you are now able to change your sounds for everything your phone does.  Tweets, ringtones, and messages of any type.  
    It will take a little longer to understand the sync without the cord, but all things aside this update is very good.

  2. gk says:

    its totally surprising what apple has gotten all of us to do…check for an update early in the morning or late in the night! 6-7 years ago I doubt any of us would have done this!

  3. Phil Saunders says:

    Here I sit, like everyone else, hovering over my iTunes ‘check for updates’ button, and I don’t know why. It’s as if I have been brainwashed. I have tons of urgent stuff to do, and I’m not doing it; Instead, I’m waiting for the new operating system for my phone. I don’t need the new operating system – at least – not right now at this instant. The ‘old’ operating system, is perfectly good. And after all this waiting, when I do get the new OS, I know I will blow away the whole day messing about with it. Makes no sense.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Great post 🙂 there must be 1000’s of us all over the world doing the same thing

      Although I am leaving it till tomorrow now, kicking the habit !!!!

      The power of Apple

  4. Chris says:

    Apple updates for large items are usually set for pacific standard time. So if you are on the east coast, you will have to wait till 1 pm and so on. That is the way it has always been. Find what time 1pm pacific standard and then you will know your update time.

  5. frank says:

    judging by the worldwide interest in IOS5 i bet the Apple IT guys are checking and double checking the warranties on their servers for when they start melting 🙂

        1. catbird59 says:

          gotta explain why 3 hours for some… The answer: because some places of the world don’t use Daylight Savings Time. California does, so they are one hour later than other parts of the world. Confused yet?

  6. Saad AlQarni says:

    really apple got our minds of the hook
    damn we all ve been waiting but the truth apple should be more precise about the date 

  7. Saad AlQarni says:

    i ve searched other websites and in italy for some reason they r able to download ios 5 
    if thats true and here someone from italy 
    please confirm this info

  8. Saad AlQarni says:

    since we are all waiting
    lets ask questions and kill time, i ve a jealbroken iphone 
    and i wanna update it to the last ios
    is all what i ve to do is to restore and update ??

      1. catbird59 says:

        there will most likely not be a jailbreak for ios5 for quite some time. And besides, most things you can do with cydia, you can do with the new ios5 anyway.

  9. Saad AlQarni says:

    or maybe there is a problem with downloading the ios5 in their servers and they cant find steve jobs anymore 
    so i guess they are heading to his grave for some spiritual intel 😀

  10. Saad AlQarni says:

    see Paul itsn’t about the country, they are servers for each country and depending on which ones they download the software, it’ll be available for all

  11. bob says:

    why does my iphone say it is up to date with version 4.2.1? it is a verizon iphone if that means anything different. I just thought it’d be 4.3.5

        1. Weird. Try restoring the iPhone completely with iTunes. Put the phone into DFU mode (Don’t forget to back up first) and restore it to default settings. iTunes should automatically update it to 4.3.5 unless iOS 5 came out already and it will update to that.

          1. bob says:

            i’m just gonna wait till ios 5 is released and try and update it then. if that doesnt work then i’ll restore it

      1. Iwantaniphone5 says:

        ? Not when I live Britain. 
        The reasoning behind this time is that Apple historically have released updates at 10am Pacific Time US – which is 18:00 BST

  12. Jamie says:

    I hope I’m not the only one sitting at my computer at 9am pressing the “Check for Update” button repeatedly… 

    Cant… wait… any… longer…

    1. Dr. Poopenstein says:

      Pressing it repeatedly is pointless, just shut off itunes and do something else and then start it in like 30 minutes, if your phone is plugged in it will inform you right away if ios 5 is there

  13. Paul says:

    iCloud is expected to launch today (Wed, October 12th) alongside iOS 5 and Mac OS X 10.7.2. Apple released iTunes 10.5
    on Tuesday in preparation. We don’t expect iOS 5 to actually be
    released until later in the day. Apple has historically released their
    major iOS updates around 1pm eastern time.

  14. Scotty B says:

    Just got it to download!  You have to be on your home network on your original Mac, they are not releasing to Windows based machines for 30 days, as per Apple…

    1. zeppellina says:

      I`m hoping there wil be a fix for the last update which has stopped my ipad from connecting to my wifi…( it connected perfectly for a year before the last update) 
      but I have a windows PC… so.. no new update for 30 days…?
      oh no…..!!!!

  15. @b9aa672fb4f0cd41d62fe361b0c648ff:disqus  I don’t think that’s right! It just sounds wrong. Also, they stated that they will release it for Mac AND Windows on 12 October, plus that iOS is not software for computers, its for your iDevice, so it makes completely no sense.

  16. sanam suri says:

    @b9aa672fb4f0cd41d62fe361b0c648ff:disqus you are wrong i checked with my mac pc still no updates. and @facebook-100000334677937:disqus  is correct about the announcement. 

  17. catbird59 says:

    iOS 5.x: Fifth major OS releasehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IOS_version_historyiOS 5 was previewed to the public on June 6, 2011.[72] It will be released for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 (GSM and CDMA), iPhone 4S, iPod touch 3rd and 4th generation, iPad, and iPad 2 on 12 October, 2011 At 11am Pacific Time.

  18. iTunes update went beautifully all of my devices updated wirelessly and fast, super fast even while my mac was backing up, boom back online and it updated on the Mac as well, my husband who has an android phone and a PC was pleasantly surprised at how well the iTunes update worked on his PC listening to MY music LOL

  19. Chrissilvapctech says:

    it showed up and i picked download only and it said resource not available and when i checked for updates again it said up to date 4.3.5

  20. catbird59 says:

    If you’ve had your iphone connected to iTunes, you should disconnect it first then re-connect… let it back up, sync, and then check for update. Viola!

  21. Greg says:

    Ontario, Canada downloading now… Start out pretty fast but has slowed down significantly… Still moving tho..  Halfway done and showing 5 minutes remaining…  I trust it will be worth the wait…  Wasnt available until about 6 minutes after 1 pm my time…  Good luck everyone…

  22. Clkman52 says:

    Central Time in the USA ….. Tried the suggestion to stop iTunes and unplug the USB to the iPad/iPhone then start  iTunes and plug the USB back in and there it was IOS 5 !!!!!!!!!! Downloading it now !!!!!!   (was just clicking the check for updates button and it didn’t work)…. Try it , you’ll like it !!!!!

  23. Peter H says:

    Download time keeps getting longer. Up to 60+ mins now. Is this just the way it is because so many people are downloading, or is there another way?

  24. markus1 says:

     downloaded software (in NY).  took about 30mins on work’s bandwidth, so could be slow for others.
    now restoring phone etc.
    not sure about the “wiping of iTunes apps” m,essage i saw though…

  25. markus1 says:

    here’s my deal: downloaded the software in about 30mins.  another 10mins or so to install, and restore the backup etc.
    I am at work, so all apps, music, pics etc are on my laptop at home. so when it restarted, all those items are gone, and i’ll need to resync when i get home.
    initial thoughts?  dont see the iMessage anywhere (yet!)…i’m hoping this isnt like Facetime where it only works if on a wi-fi network?

  26. Cooky11111 says:

    Mine froze at backing up set there were errors now it is saying it is restoring Iphone firmware…Lovely!  I hope this didn’t mess up my phone.  Anyone else having these issues?

  27. macalack says:

    I downloaded ios5. It backed up my device and then it gave me an error.

    This device isn’t eligible for the requested build.

     I have an iPhone 4 on 4.3.5 tethered jailbreak. What gives? Thanks to anyone.

        1. Lovekar says:

          I ran into the same issue: Jaibroken iPhone 4 4.3.5 with the same error message, but I resolved the problem.

          First I restored on 4.3.5 and then I updated it. 

          1. Abqcleve says:

            I posted the URL, but it has to be moderated, so may not show for a while. Just go to apple, then click on “Support,” then search on “ios 4.3.5”

          2. macalack says:

            Thanks ABQ. downloading now. DO you think it could have something to do with my host files?

    1. Clkman52 says:

      You can’t update a Jail Broken device …. Restore it to the original settings, then update it, then get the IOS 5 Jailbreak if you need it.

      1. macalack says:

        Eh, thats not true. YOu can update, the jailbreak is just wiped off by the update. It takes out the partition. I tried restoring and it still gave me the iphone isnt eligible for requested build. I have no idea what’s going on.

  28. Chrisgrand says:

    Went through a series of restores, then had me page through the license agreement, itunes login, blah blah blah. It rhen started syncing all my apps. Still going.

  29. Dizzzay says:

    From the UK started downloading  at 18:08 – got to gone half way and 35 mins to go at 18:40 and then it said network connection timed out. Clicked to start again and tried the whole pausing and resuming and it just started again but is even slower now!!

  30. NoopyKat says:

    In Vancouver, Canada. I’m on my second try now. The first time I was able to download the package but when it was trying to either validate the files or unpack everything it failed.

    FYI, if I “pause” the download and then “un-pause” it, all the progress is lost and the download restarts back at 0MB…

    Very strange.

  31. Greg says:

    My iPad has 42 gb of audio, video, photos and apps and has been backing up for over an hour after the download…  should I keep waiting or abort and start over…

  32. Chrisgrand says:

    Says it is restoring iPhone music and videos… We will see. It was empty on the last reboot. Also, FB does not work. Am going to reinstall.

  33. Adam says:

    network connection keeps timing out! 

    Can’t get a full download through, I am on my fifth attempt now ):
    Never reached more than 550 MB, often fails before that. It also delivers slightly slower than my traditional badnwidth speed (I should get about 1.6 MB/s, I got more around 900 kb/s).
    I’m in Denmark 

  34. Maarten says:

    Download took about 10 minutes, no problems. When I try to install however Itunes says:
    Cannot be restored, an unkwon failure has taken place (in dutch, pardon my french).

    Anybody else who has this problem?

  35. HARDIK says:

    2 hrs remaining in india its taking too long i have to go to school tomorrow and i know that if a wait for it ill sleep in the morning and not go to school thats bad ! 343 /774 mb done lets hope for the best any one got it installed and set up?

    1. stephen says:

      in THE UK ITS ALSO GOING TO TAKE 2 Hrs and i got collage tomorrow just leave your  computer on all night that’s what im going to do 

  36. Gavin. says:

    Have downloaded iOS 5 with no problems. When I try to install the software onto iPhone 4 it says that it’s restoring then I’m greeted with ‘The iPhone ‘Gavin’s iPhone’ could not be restored. An internal error occured’ I’m not sure if this is because Apple have obviously been inundated with millions of people trying to get iOS 5. Anyone else seeing the same error message?

          1. Gavin. says:

            Okay thank you all for the replies. I guess we’ll just have to wait it out until some of the traffic dies down!

  37. Tony (Staines) says:

    downloaded the update….. eventually finished after timing out several times.

    Trying to do update but backup starts then just stops without any warning.  On third try now

    1. Tony (Staines) says:

      ok it’s backed up successfully, now extracting software, then I get Iphone could not be restored. Unknown error occurred(3200) Great.  does not appear to have messed up phone.

  38. Gaz says:

    I attempted to download on my Wi-Fi, but that failed. Then I plugged in wired and it downloaded ok.

    However, it now says “Restoring iPhone apps” on iTunes but my actual iPhone is stuck in a loop whilst it’s doing that. Anyone else had this problem.. And did you just let it carry on? Thanks.

  39. It Caveman52 says:

    A bit of advice here. If you are using a longer USB cable or one that is not an original Apple cable then do not try this update till you can find, buy or borrow and original one. I have seen updates fail on many iPhones and iPads due to flakey cables………Good luck all ……

  40. Selena_teresa says:

    I keep getting a message stating that my software is up to date at 4.2.1. I did the iTunes upgrade and rebooted twice and still can’t get iTunes to give 5 as an option. 🙁

    1. Anonymous says:

      Connect iPhone to computer
      Go into iTunes

      It will tell you your iTunes version then a note will appear about IOS 5 asking if you want to download and install or just download. (Judging by the comments I chose to download only for now. Took 30 minutes.)

  41. Paul says:

    in uk, download started at 18:05, took 1hr15, unpacked fine, various messages in itunes about restoring firmware, factory settings, etc, phone rebooted a couple of times, then a black screen with iPhone across the top appeared. Itunes then prompted for password to backup file before restoring. itunes pop-up stating phone restored, but says phone is empty! iphone starts asking questions about location services, apple account, icloud signup – phone contains no apps or music, but has text messages, email, contacts.  Cant see imessage anywhere…..

  42. jord says:

    successfully installed and doing the last few set-up options – now I can’t get past the find my iphone screen – if i tick find it and press next nothing happens, if i tick dont find it then next nothing happens, i can go all the way back and go through again but still cant progress! 

    if i press menu button then it gives me option to start again but then to do that i have to press a button which says erase iphone! any ideas?