Galaxy S II Offered for $2 against iPhone 4S in Sydney

Down under in Sydney Australia the iPhone 4S goes on sale as of Friday and is already attracting long queues of people who wish to be one of the first to get the new iOS smartphone, but Apple rival Samsung who have set up shop a couple of doors down are seeing even longer queues for the Samsung Galaxy S II.

There’s a reason the Samsung store is seeing longer lines than the Apple store though, as according to an article on The Sydney Morning Herald, old Samsung is using an offer to distract from the launch of the iPhone 4S by offering the first 10 people through the door every day a Samsung Galaxy S II for a staggeringly low 2 bucks.

Apparently the Samsung pop-up store arrived Monday and people queuing Monday were in line to get the Android 2.3 Gingerbread smartphone the following day. Apparently though this Samsung Galaxy S II promotion only goes on until Friday, the iPhone 4S launch day, when the Samsung pop-up store will shut up shop.

Two boys, Tom Mosca and Wil Hoxton, who are camping out to get the iPhone 4S gave an interview, with Mosca saying that he thinks they’ll be the first in the world because they are ahead of America and the store opens at 8AM while others open at 8:30AM, so it should be the first in the world to open so he and Wil will be the first in the world to get an iPhone 4S.

Mosca’s friend Wil Hoxton said that he believes a lot of people will get the iPhone 4S because it is the last iPhone that Steve worked with, and people are saying it was named after him “like the iPhone for Steve.”

However a few doors down outside the Samsung pop-up store, one guy waiting, Jason Marriott, (no relation) says, two bucks for a $800 phone is pretty amazing, because he believes it is the best phone out on the market at the moment, so to get it for $2 is a ridiculous deal.

And I have to admit, $2 for the Samsung Galaxy S II has got to be an attraction worth waiting in line for, don’t you think?

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2 thoughts on “Galaxy S II Offered for $2 against iPhone 4S in Sydney”

  1. Samsung can suck it I wouldn’t pay 2 dollars my Galaxy started on FIRE and I am on oxygen. It could have killed me, they might be hearing from MY lawyers. My new iPhone 3gs has not started on fire so I will be getting the IPHONE. Samsung blah. 

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