Android App Downloads to Possibly Overtake iOS Next Year

Thus far Apple has been king of the hill in most things, but rival Android is not far behind, and in the United States and other countries Android handsets are already outselling the iPhone; however in the app downloads area Apple still commands, but may not do for much longer.

According to the guys over on Android Community by way of Taiwan News, Xyologic, a research company is reporting that if trends continue the way they are going Android Market downloads will overtake Apple’s App Store downloads possibly in June of 2012.

Currently iOS app downloads are beating Android app downloads at roughly 2-to-1, with iOS apps being downloaded approximately 494 million per month while Android apps are downloaded roughly 279 million a month.

But according to the research companies figures Android will have caught up with and surpassed Apple within the next 8 months. Android has already overtaken Apple in several countries such as Portugal, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Apparently though Xyologic’s figures don’t take into account apps downloaded in China, which could make a very big difference in the overall figures one would have thought.

On the tablet app front though it appears that Apple will still command a hefty lead for quite some time yet with Apple iPad app downloads accounting for quite an impressive 15 percent of its download space and as for Android Honeycomb apps, well is seems no one is quite too sure how many the figure may be.

One does have to take into consideration though that the research firm bases their prediction on app usage in August of this year, and while 8 months doesn’t seem that long a lot can happen in that period, so maybe it’s not best to count Apple down and out in the app downloads area just yet.

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