BlackBerry Outage Apology Video from RIM’s Mike Lazaridis

Whilst Apple rides high on the release of iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S tomorrow, smartphone rival Research In Motion hasn’t been riding so high lately with the reported BlackBerry outage affecting numerous countries across the globe, but the founder of Research In Motion has something to say to the BlackBerry faithful on that matter.

Thus courtesy of the guys over at Ubergizmo and by way of the BlackBerry YouTube page we have a video of Mike Lazaridis formally apologising to the BlackBerry faithful for its continuing failure to resolve the outage problem.

In the almost two minute video Mike Lazaridis says since launching BlackBerry back in 1999 it was his goal to provide reliable real time communications around the world. We did not deliver on that goal this week, not even close. I apologise for the service outages this week, we’ve let many of you down.

Mike then goes on to assure the BlackBerry faithful that Research In Motion is working round the clock to fix the outage issue, and then goes on to share more details on what is happening.

Lazaridis confirms that in various parts of the world normal service has returned and states they this situation will be closely monitored to make sure it doesn’t go down again.

Although currently there is no word on just when RIM will get the BlackBerry service back to 100 percent operation, but at least the BlackBerry faithful has now been updated on the problem and received an official and quite public apology for the guy in charge, something you don’t see all that often.

So there you go, for our BlackBerry toting readers out there that have been experiencing the outage feel free to head on down to punch that play button get your apology from RIM’s co-CEO.

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