iPhone 4S Siri man voice in UK, business & direction problem

Hands-On: The new Apple iPhone 4S has arrived and we have a few little issues already with the voice and directions, iPhone 4S Siri man voice if for those in the UK and the woman in USA, and we are getting a business search problem.

We here at Phones Review will give you the full unboxing, first impressions and many other reviews soon, but for now just wish to chat about the Siri voice and directions.

The iPhone 4S is all set up, the new Siri assistant is switched on in the settings, and all notifications are set such as weather location etc. Now it is time to let you know what we asked Siri and what his reply was. Such a shame that in the UK we get the voice of a robotic man, thought for one minute Stephen Hawkins was on my smartphone, in the US you get the voice of a sexy woman.

We gave the home button a long press and Siri pops up, then we press the microphone icon and asked “Directions”, all we wanted to know was how to get to a certain business address, you would think he would ask you where do you want to go, but oh no, all we got back from Mr. Siri was and quote

“I can only look for businesses, maps, and traffic in the Untied States, and when you’re using U.S English”.

So we are guessing Apple needs to flip the switch on this so that we get this service, hurry up Apple we know you are busy but come on guys.

We have asked Siri hundreds of things already, but this is another article worth reading. Hilarious fun time is what we had, but as a whole it is very precise if you speak clearly. Not impressed that I get the man’s voice, and that it cannot search businesses and give me directions.


16 thoughts on “iPhone 4S Siri man voice in UK, business & direction problem”

    1. Mbassoc says:

      You can change Siri’s voice by changing to US or Australian English in the settings, BUT Siri’ speech recognition parameters are then set wrong and it’ll misinterpret what you say a lot more, and it’s network path will also be wrong and it will no longer be able to connect to the network. So it’s functionality will them be fuqd after that, and you then need to change back to UK English.

      I’m sure we’ll see options in the next update, and also, until Apple’s servers have a tie in to a database here in the UK (Yell etc.) then we won’t be able to get Siri accessing that sort of data. At the moment you can ask it the diameter of the moon, or the atomic weight of lead, and it’ll give you the data from Wolfram Alpha, but you can’t ask it where your local chinese is, cos it hasn’t got a phone book.

      1. Noelhopper says:

        Yep but if you ask it to search the web for… It will use google which as long as you have it’s location switched on will then tell you where things are close to you, not sure if the same for weather, need to try that.

        1. speedy says:

          weather works in uk and apart from buissness searches everything else works im pretty impressed with it especially if u need to send a text while you are driving hands free of course

          ask it where can you hide a body and it will tell you lol

          1. Ibo says:

            But then it won’t give us directions to the nearest place to hide a dead body as it has not yet been updated for directions and places for the uk lol.

  1. Theferris says:

    You can change the voice to the one in the ads by going into setting there are also a few others in there too. However as the woman is American some words we say in the UK are not recognised like “Call Paul” he hears that as “Pool” unless you say Paaaul like an American. The UK voice understand UK English.

    It is very good and after a little while you can chat away without getting error, however my problem is that Apple have not rushed this phone out in fact it took them longer and to launch with US only features and to tell the “world” about Siri is to be fair lying to sell the product. They have conned the ret of the world in to spending a lot of money on something that is only 50% ready, Beta or not they should have said. I love my iPhone and respect Apple, but this has left a bad taste in my mouth, can i trust them again?

  2. Kellsrooney says:

    i’m not impressed at all with siri, it does not pick up a scottish accent at all, it’s not like i’m sayong “hoots man, och aye the noo !

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