Samsung Galaxy Note The Female Friendly Phone

You are probably aware that Samsung’s latest piece of mobile tech is the Samsung Galaxy Note; a type of cross between a smartphone and a mini tablet, and apparently according to a Samsung spokesperson, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.3 is targeted towards the fairer sex.

According to an article over on Slash Gear by way of T3, the sales director of Samsung UK, Andrew Glass, told T3 that the 5.3-inch touch screen Galaxy Note may be on the large side for pockets but is perfect for carrying in a handbag.

Glass said, “The Galaxy Note is really good for the female market. To have a handbag and be able to put a 5.37-inch phone in instead of a 10.1-inch tablet is something that I think will capture the female market,” and describes the Note as a “merger between smartphones and tablets.”

Apparently Samsung pans on pushing the Galaxy Note to females, and Glass says, “We will be looking at special propositions for the female consumer. There are different colour waves, thoughts and propositions that we hope to unveil later this month.”

I’m sure that although Samsung appears to believe that the Samsung Galaxy Note is a female friendly Android device, guys might also pick up the handset, especially if they carry a briefcase to work and such rather than putting it in their pocket.

Not too sure what kind of promotions Samsung has planned to get the ladies interested in the Android 2.3 Gingerbread handset that is due release on the 17th of November in the United Kingdom, but perhaps we’ll be seeing a few girlie colours being added the it somewhere along the line.

So any ideas from our readers what kind of promo Samsung could put on that would attract the female customer to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Note?

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5 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Note The Female Friendly Phone”

  1. London54 says:

    I think, samsung made a mistake by putting a gender label on samsung galaxy note…by that mistake, samsung pushed away a huge number of male customers to grab the said device…i was planning to buy the device, but when Glass gave his gender labelled statements, it put me off…now, I got my iphone 4s coz oct. 14 release date of iphone 4s here in London

  2. qwill00 says:

    yeah completely put me off as well, waiting on a more manly phone! lol,BTW does the Samsung Sales guy still have his job ? Can’t believe he does,he just lined Apple’s pocket’s ,again,should be trying to get as many sales as poss considering patent probs! Huge f$£k up!

  3. Trojansfan says:

    I don’t understand why this is geared towards females?  Don’t they think a guy would love to play games or watch movies with a screen that size??  Such discrimination!

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