Samsung Galaxy S Range Still Going Strong

Although the mobile space seems to be all of a craze over the iPhone 4S at the moment until such times as the iOS faithful come down from the usual Apple high, old Samsung’s Galaxy smartphone happen to still be going fairly strong in the mobile space and has reached a new milestone in sales.

According to an article over on TC Magazine, Samsung’s Android Galaxy S line has now sold over 30 million handsets with the original Samsung Galaxy S almost reaching 20 million units sold globally while Samsung Galaxy S II sales have now passed the 10 million mark.

You may or may not be aware that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread Samsung Galaxy S II has become Samsung’s fastest selling smartphone reaching that 10 million milestone in a period of 5 months, despite Apple continually trying to block sales across the globe.

Furthermore you might be aware that the Samsung Galaxy S II snatched the title of Phone of the Year 2011 from the iPhone 4 recently, so Samsung must be doing something right with their handsets.

However, no doubt sales of the iPhone 4S will easily outweigh that of Galaxy S handsets, but Samsung does have a new device waiting on the horizon that should make an appearance quite soon now, that might just blow the iPhone 4S out of the water, of course I am talking about the Samsung Nexus Prime that will come out to play touting Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

But it’s still nice to know that many in this world are picking up the Samsung Galaxy S II and proving that the Android smartphone is one of the best in the business. Have you purchase or considering purchasing the Galaxy S II?

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