Sprint iPhone 4S Slows Speed Complains From Android Users

Now that Sprint has finally got hold of the iPhone, one would have thought that everyone would be happy, however it appears that numerous Sprint Android users are complaining that since the iPhone 4S arrived on the Sprint network 3G speeds have becomes somewhat slower than before Sprint gained the iconic iOS smartphone.

According to an article over on Pocket Now by way of Android and me, an abundance of Sprint customers are venting their annoyance at the iPhone causing slower than normal 3G speeds on the network over on Reddit.

Apparently certain users are reporting speed decrease right down to 200 to 500kbps rather than the more normal speed of 1Mbps.

Naturally this will depend on where you are located and signal strength so not all Sprint Androud customers may be experiencing a drop in speed since the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S became available with the carrier.

And one should expect a certain amount of slower speed considering when thousands of iPhone users fire up their device on Sprint they are going to eat into that speed rather quickly and it would probably happen if a different handset was taken up on the network at such speed, but nevertheless it is somewhat disconcerting for those on Sprint that don’t use the iPhone.

Obviously this slower speed has come to light since the iPhone has hit Sprint so Android users are placing the blame with the iPhone, so I’m not too sure what Sprint can do to sort out the problem and appease their Android customers.

We’d like to know if you are on the Sprint network and use an Android or other smartphone and have experienced a drop in speed since the iPhone hit, so feel free to let us know by dropping us a comment in the area below.

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13 thoughts on “Sprint iPhone 4S Slows Speed Complains From Android Users”

  1. Yogiwes says:

    I am experiencing very slow speeds on my EVO. This is ridiculous. Sprint needs to get it together. They need to lower their rates or take off the 10.00 charge since their data speeds aren’t as they advertise on their commercial. One could say they are false advertising now their data speeds.

    1. Ivanr581 says:

      Lower their rates?? Sprint has the best rates from the biggest cell companies what more do you want? Speeds advertised on any carrier are 100% best possible scenarios. 100% reception, need weather, no traffic. No carrier will meet their advertised speeds.

  2. Annie says:

    Data speed on the iPhone is ridiculous. The “fastest” I’ve seen on my Sprint iPhone is .15 mbps. I keep waiting for my phone to make some of those old dial-up Internet sounds. Sprint needs to fix this, or it will lose both the iPhone AND the Android customers! 

  3. Breesoamazin says:

    I have an HTC Evo and I have had dropped calls and my connection is super slower. I can most def see a difference. Our network was fine without the iphone.

  4. Pamela says:

    Just checked it out and yes, my Evo is definitely slower, was considering replacing it with the 4s but what’s the use…service will be even more horrible!

  5. Nunor72 says:

    I work for a company with 35 Evo’s and since 10/14/11 we have noticed severe drops in speed, inability to load work emails and no visual voice mail capabilities.  Not having work emails has proven to be a deal breaker.  We will take our phones elsewhere.

  6. Phil R says:

    iPhone 4S. Does s stand for slow. this is crazy. side by side with one from from Verizon and Sprints takes minutes longer to download a web page. everything you do it just spins. phones going back network sucks. take back before 14 days people. Unfortunately it can’t be fixed so don’t fall for their promises and lies. why do u think they just switched from 30 to 14 days right before iPhone . they r hoping u will stay past that and u are screwed.

  7. Phil R says:

    SirThis was suppose to b a home run for sprint instead they are striking out. this is the end for them. Siri doesn’t even work its too slow. return return return . back to Verizon . you get what u pay for.

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