WinterBoard Download for iOS 5, update themes

Phones Review Quickie: The new Winterboard download for iOS 5 is now here; this is the Cydia tweak (not official) for Apple devices such as the iPad, iPod and the iPhone.

This new WinterBoard update version 0.9.3900-1 for iOS 5 by Saurik, will allow users to switch the Apple device’s theme, which includes the SpringBoard, Dock. The appearance of the graphical interface is now here for you to download, the question is “Will you use this new download?”

You can change the appearance of the app icons, and even replace every graphic unlimited in the theme.

There is not much more to go on at the moment, you can visit FileSonic to get your WinterBoard 0.9.3900-1 for iOS 5 download. If you do try this out, please do let us know how you got on.

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8 thoughts on “WinterBoard Download for iOS 5, update themes”

    1. Travis_The_Chimp says:

      There’s all sorts of fixes if u search around but I’ve got winterboard running fine on my iPhone 4g and haven’t found a working theme yet.

  1. I tried to install winterboard and it said reboot device. When I rebooted, of course with redsn0w for tethered jailbreak, it sent me in recovery mode. then tried to use tinyumbrella to exit recovery. Finally after nothing worked I had to restore completely

    1. QuickTechUp.com says:

      Because like you said, it is a tethered jailbreak, you have to boot your device using the computer every time you boot. When it tells you to reboot, just hold the lock button and slide to power off, then launch redsn0w with your device plugged into the computer, and OFF. Then hit extras button on redsn0w, and hit just boot button. Go through the steps, the device will boot, and winterboard will be available. EVERY TIME YOU RESTART OR BOOT, you MUST use Redsn0w to boot it. EVERY TIME. 
      So like I said, when it says “restart device” just manually power it off. DON’T PUSH THE RESTART BUTTON. Do it all manually. Its working for me, no problems. 

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