Galaxy Nexus Design Bypasses Apple Patents Says Samsung

As the whole world knows, Apple is out for some Samsung blood when it comes to patents and has attempted to get numerous Samsung Android devices banned from being sold across the globe and has had some success with banning the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but what about the latest Samsung smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

Will Apple target the Samsung Galaxy Nexus sometime in the future and try to get the Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone banned as well? Apparently Samsung have taken that into consideration when designing the Galaxy Nexus.

According to an article over on The Next Web by way of Yonhap News, Samsung’s chief says the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was designed with the “intention to reduce potential patent litigation from smartphone rival Apple.”

Samsung’s mobile president, Shin Jong-kyun stated, “Now we will avoid everything we can and take patents very seriously,” and further commented, “We will see if (the Galaxy Nexus) will be 100 percent free.”

As you probably know the dispute between Apple and Samsung began with Apple accusing Samsung of copying the look and free of the iPhone and Apple iPad and it has escalate from there, and of those patent lawsuits, Shin Jong-kyun says…

“I think it is just a start and (the lawsuits) will last for a considerable time. I don’t think there is much gain (from lawsuits against Apple). What we are losing is the pride in our brand.”

Apparently though even though Samsung faces sales injunctions on their device in both Australia and Germany, Jong-kyun believes the company can still meet their annual sales target of a five-fold increase from the year previous.

Whether Apple has the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in its sights for a possible ban remains to be seen.

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