iPad Mini Mystery, Apple may release

Apple are not going to introduce the iPad Mini and Steve Jobs made this clear, but as we know Amazon released its new tablet PC at a very low price, so where does this leave Apple now?

Surely Apple needs to announce and release the new iPad Mini tablet to compete with Amazon, rumours have started to surface according to Online Social Media aka OSM, but will this become reality or will it just stay a rumour?

Many Apple iPhone customers were not buying the iPhone 4 because they were waiting on the iPhone 4S, and with over 4-million iPhone 4S smartphones being sold within the first weekend proves that new is better than old. So this surely has to be the case for old iPads, people will want a new iPad Mini or indeed the iPad 3, so will not purchase currents ones.

9to5 Mac reports that LG has sent over 7.85-inch display samples to Apple, this is a smaller display than current iPad’s, which means we could indeed see the Apple iPad Mini, what do you think?

Would you like Apple to announce and release a new iPad Mini tablet PC sometime soon? We have entered a lot of questions here, but of course they are all valid ones that we would love for you to answer.

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