Nokia 800 WP7 Phone, new press shots boring

Next week is the start of the Nokia World conference in London, which is where we will be hearing an announcement about the new Nokia 800. New press shots of the handset are a little boring, but it is a start. The new Nokia 800 Windows Phone 7 (WP7) phone will come in three different colours.

Back on October 11th we already reported news covering new photos revealing the handset, well now thanks to PocketNow they have three boring press shot photos of the different colour phones.

The Nokia 800 will come in black, pink and blue, basically looks a lot like the Nokia N9 but at least the company is releasing something.

The Nokia 800 main features include, Windows Phone Mango 7.5, 3.7-inch WVGA (800 x 480 pixels) resolution AMOLED display, 16GB built-in storage memory and 1.4 GHz processor, we will give you the full specifications sometime next week.

The handset is expected to release to customers sometime in November, apparently the 15th is the date to keep an eye and ear out on. Can the Nokia 800 do well on the sales front, considering the iPhone 4S; Galaxy Nexus and the Droid RAZR are out and about?

We would love to know what you think, has Nokia done enough with the Nokia 800 to make it something special and must have product?


6 thoughts on “Nokia 800 WP7 Phone, new press shots boring”

    1. H2dnyc@hotmail.com says:

      Pictures are usually deceiving. When I finally get the chance to hold a phone after I’ve only seen it in pictures I’ve been pleasantly surprised in some cases and disappointed in other cases. If I had to guess, because I really like this new approach in Nokias design, I think I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Either way I’m looking forward to Nokia joining the race and adding their innovation and flair to WP7 market.

  1. gary says:

    yep, i concur, looks extremely dull moto razr and galaxy s2 are sooooooooo much nicer

    then i see that thick offset black border and how thick it is it reminds me of the fat kid at school with the thick rimmed spectacles

    but no doubt its packed to the brim with 2008 technology like most windows phones seem to be…………….

    it actually looks dated even BEFORE it has been launched………….

  2. gary says:

    Also I don’t think I would take the risk of buying a Nokia, having posted another Quarterly loss, I wouldn’t want to end up having no warranty if they go bust.

  3. Sirpajmcgyver says:

    Im a massive fan of the WP7 OS i have a HTC HD7 and i adore the thing. i think the UI is so intuitive and natural. so i hope MS and Nokia do well with this. but i do think the screen needs to be bigger due to WP7 OS been so relent on visuals and the battery life hold up longer than my HD7 of 8 hours. this is due to me having 3 mail accounts and facebook and twitter on all the time. 

    Can’t wait for this

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