Shoot the Birds iOS Game Now Free for Halloween Gamers

Everyone no matter what mobile platform they use love’s free applications, and as of right now those on the iOS platform can grab a little shoot-em gaming app for free, as the creators of Shoot the Birds on iOS have now reduced the price by 100 percent making Shoot the Birds free in time for Halloween.

If you are fed up with destroying green pigs you can now take some revenge on birds by shooting a few to pass your spare time with the Shoot the Birds app for the iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple iPad running iOS 4.0 and above.

With the Shoot The Birds game users get to shoot down an abundance of flying birds that cross the screen with a crossbow whilst playing a pumpkin scarecrow, very fitting for Halloween don’t you think?

Infinite Dreams has declared the Halloween bird shooting season open and aiming precisely with your crossbow will rack up your points score, just survive the waves of mid-flight birds and work your way to the top of the rankings.

Shoot the Birds has received a few testimonials such as “Fantastic app to get back at the birds, finally a gap in the app store has been filled,” from CrazyMikeApps, and HobbyiPad says, “Stunning graphics and guaranteed fun, someone had confront to those damned birds!”

And to celebrate Halloween the Shoot the Birds game is being offered free for a limited period and is available globally from iTunes, so if you haven’t yet played Shoot the Birds now is the time to grab the game.

Below you will find a video trailer of Shoot the Birds, so you can check it out before hitting up iTunes to make sure you want to grab the free app or not, but if you do feel free to let us know what you think of the game by dropping us a comment below…enjoy.

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