Best Samsung Galaxy Nexus Cases, your selection

The new Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone is now out in the open, and we believe that this beauty needs protecting with cases. We want to be the first port of call to supply you with the latest news of the best cases released.

Spending a lot of money on the new handset most definitely needs to have the protection it deserves, but if you look online there is nowhere where you can buy cases. This is where we come in; we will keep a very close eye on all cases and accessories that are released for the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus Android 4.0 mobile phone.

We will on a daily basis look for cases and accessories, as soon as we find new cases released we will let you know, please do come to us and we will give you what you need. We want to supply you with the best selection of cases and when we find them we will publish links to the online retailers.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Recap: Please do have a read about the announcement and full specifications here, maybe you would love to watch a video of the Galaxy Nexus getting the hands-on treatment, or maybe you are just interested in the new Android Ice Cream Sandwich software, Phones 4U will be selling the new handset – read more here.

Remember we will be giving you updates, what case design can you come up with for the new smartphone? Have you got a personal choice of what selection of cases you would like to see?

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