Samsung Galaxy Nexus Possibly A Verizon Exclusive Initially

Ah the all new king of the Android camp the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, most of the Android faithful love the new smartphone and virtually all want to taste some Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and over here in the United Kingdom we already know that several UK carriers will be offering the Galaxy Nexus once it hit the mobile space, but over in the United States the big question is which US carriers will offer the first Android 4.0 packing smartphone.

Well it appears that not all US carriers will gain the Samsung Galaxy Nexus at first, as according to the guys over on Slash Gear, there is already a Galaxy Nexus sporting the Verizon 4G LTE logo doing the rounds, which proves the device will definitely be coming to Verizon.

However, it appears that the Big Red may possibly get a little exclusivity over the Samsung Galaxy Nexus when it arrives on US shores.

This exclusivity news comes by way of Facebook; the Samsung Mobile USA page to be precise where a guy called Matthew David Lloyd asked the question, “So what carriers are going to get the Galaxy Nexus? Really hoping its not just Verizon.”

To which a Sammy rep called Samsung Janel responded with, “Verizon will be offering the Galaxy Nexus with the initial release. Other carriers may support the device in the near future.”

Thus it would appear that for those over in the good old US of A, those wanting the Android Ice Cream Sandwich toting Galaxy Nexus will have to go with the Big Red initially or wait until such times as the other US carriers get to offer their customer the handset.

If true and Verizon has managed to grab some exclusivity over the release of the US Samsung Galaxy Nexus, it isn’t clear just how long that exclusivity will last, so if you are desperate to become one of the ICS brigade in the US you have three options, get it on Verizon, wait for the other carriers to catch up, or impost the Galaxy Nexus from overseas, which will you be doing?

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