C Sprire Wireless website to sell iPhone 4S

Sprint may have got the Apple iPhone but another carrier has got the smartphone coming soon, C Spire Wireless will be selling the iPhone 4S very soon. It is good to see more and more carriers will be housing the new Apple smartphone especially the small one that is based in Ridgeland, Mississippi.

C Spire only has 900,000 customers in Mississippi, Florida Panhandle, Rome, Georgia, and parts of Alabama. They hold 700 MHz and AWS licenses covering most of Tennessee and Alabama, anyway enough of the small talk.

The wireless company formally known as Cellular South is now showing on its website an advertisement for the Apple iPhone 4S, stating that the handset is coming soon.

Hopefully they will be selling the Apple iPhone 4 as well, but this is not know as of yet, we will keep a close eye on this for you and let you know when it all goes live. You can visit C-Spire and sign up to be notified, welcome to the underdog that can do well.

If you visit Engadget, you will see that they have updated its webpage reporting the confirmation via C-Spire that the iPhone 4S is most definitely coming in a few weeks. Please let us know here at Phones Review if you are a C Spire customer, we would love to know if you are a happy soul now. Thanks

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