Ice Cream Sandwich CM7 Theme Chooser from SDK

The new Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0) operating system will transform mobile phones, and many users are looking for ways to make there devices look like they are running the new ICS, this is where themes built from SDK come into play.

At last and thanks to Droid-Life pointing this out, there is a new Android Ice Cream theme built from SDK available for the CM7 Theme Chooser.

XDA member called “Sonnysekhon” has created the above for all custom ROM’s, ones that are running the Theme Chooser app that you will mostly find in CM7 (CyanogenMod 7).

If this is something that interests you, all you need to do is download ICS_alpha_2.apk and install, just like you would any other third part application. Once this has been installed just simply open up Theme Chooser and apply the new theme.

You will need to reboot your device to get the delicious new theme; the app will always get updates so expect more to come soon.

It is a great start for something new, but it is based on the SDK system dump, which means it will not look exactly like it does on the Samsung galaxy Nexus smartphone. Please do let us know if you try out this new update, all the information you can give us the better. We would love to know if the download and install went well and what device you put it on, thanks.


One thought on “Ice Cream Sandwich CM7 Theme Chooser from SDK”

  1. Dan Wireman says:

    Working great for me.  Easy to install, one boot and it was up and running.  I installed it on Monday, Oct 24 using the CM7 Theme Chooser.  Working fine, and looking great. I have tried ADW, Go, and Launcher Pro, I have decided that I like it best with Launcher Pro (I have the Droid X)

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