iPad 2 iOS 5 security issues, smart cover unlocks

The Apple iPad 2 and its new iOS 5 has security issues, but according to Apple this is not a flaw because it was intended, we are talking about the iPad 2 iOS 5 security issues where smart cover unlocks it. We will explain a little more below so please do read on.

Thanks to visiting Online Social Media (OSM) they report via 9to5Mac that if you own the Apple iPad 2 and have iOS 4.3 to iOS 5, you will notice that the smart covers unlocks the tablet PC, which means anyone that has access to your iPad 2 will be able to unlock it with any smart cover.

This in our eyes is a security flaw, someone steals your iPad 2 and they can simply access all your details within your device by using a cover they can easily buy.

By lifting the smart cover on your iPad 2 allows access, this is astonishing especially if you let your iPad 2 go to sleep with important documents still open, or Google Maps, Contacts etc.

There is a fix for this if you do not want the smart cover to unlock, simply lock a password protected iPad 2, hold down the power button until iPad 2 reaches turn off slider, then close the smart cover and then open again, click on the cancel message on the bottom of the screen.

Disable Smart Cover unlocking in the iPad 2 settings menu under the General tab.

Please let us know what you think of this iPad 2 unlock access, do you think it is a flaw and should have been removed altogether?


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  1. kate says:

    My iPad2 does open but you cannot get onto it unless you put in four digits chosen by myself. However i would still prefer to have something on it like Norton to protect it but cannot find any security to buy for the iPad so that is annoying. One site said Norton is trying to do security for iPad but could take a few months yet. 🙁

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