iPhone 4S funny Siri is a joke & gimmick

The iPhone is a brilliant smartphone that works well, and we have been firm followers since 2007 when it all started for Apple and its smartphone line. Smartphones are the future and we love all platforms because they all have their good points, but we are about to burst the happy bubble and come down on the new iPhone 4S Siri voice assistant.

We have titled this hands-on article “iPhone 4S funny Siri is a joke & gimmick” for a reason, and a good one at that, this is a personal take on what we think of Siri.

We received our iPhone 4S one week ago today and was impressed with it and we still are, the camera and video recording is awesome, love other features such as setting up the LED flash light to start flashing when you get a text or call iCloud and iMessage are very good (Even though iCloud slows devices a lot), but let’s just concentrate on the new Siri voice assistant.

When we got the iPhone 4S we got to admit Siri was the first feature we wanted to play around with, sounds a little sordid but on the contrary. We was excited and gave Mr. Siri the once over, yes he’s a guy if you live in the UK. He is very useful indeed if you want to text people, reply to texts, read text, set reminders and alarms, take notes even, all good so far.

Really like asking him questions like “Will I need a umbrella today”, Siri answers “No Mark, it is not going to rain today”, ask Siri the time and he replies, ask Siri about stocks and he will show the latest stock report etc, all good so far.

Ask him to play, stop, forward music etc, he does this well, he does quite a lot, but then this is where the funny / joke / gimmick comes into play.

At first it was all fun and very clever indeed how Siri responds to you, but now we are bored with Siri.

Why Phones Review is bored?

Siri takes more time than doing the tasks yourself, ask him the time is pointless because you can just press the home button and look, ask him to play music means holding down the home button and then asking him to play music, simply press the home button twice from lock screen and then just hit the play button.

Ask him what the weather is like, what is the point there are apps for that, even a built in one. Just find him boring and time consuming; we are not counting Siri out just yet because it is still in its testing stages in the UK. At the moment you cannot ask Siri for directions, you cannot ask Siri to search business addresses for you, you cannot give direct instructions for Siri to send tweets to Siri, which is stupid considering iOS 5 has deep Twitter integration. You can however set this up via text message allowing you to ask Siri to send a text message to Twitter.

Why is he funny and a gimmick then?

Well, check out our screenshots below, we asked Siri to tell us a joke; he replied, “Two iPhones walked in a bar… I forget the rest”, we asked him again to tell us a joke and he said, “I can’t, I always forget the punch line”.

We even asked Siri to sing us a song, he replied “Daisy, Daisy, give me your love answer do”, we cried when we said knock-knock to Siri, and his reply was “Knock Knock. Who’s there? Mark. Mark who? Mark I don’t do knock-knock jokes.” Check out the screenshots below.

Sorry to be the grim reaper, but we really do think the new iPhone 4S Siri is so funny and is a joke and gimmick. It will probably be much better after a period of time, but for now Siri is not getting used because we are bored.

Sorry Siri, maybe we can refresh our relationship at a later date.


2 thoughts on “iPhone 4S funny Siri is a joke & gimmick”

  1. Pradders says:

    I think you need to put Siri into perspective – it’s a wonderful tool when you want to do things “hands-free”.  If you consider it that way, getting “bored” is not possible – e.g., reading out a text while you’re driving and replying to it – all without having to break the law.  

    Also, some things really are faster with Siri.  I’ve added things to notes (think shopping list) by just asking Siri to do so – it’s definitely faster than having to scroll across a page, find my “Notes” app, open it, find the correct note and type in my addition.  Is it 10 times faster? No.  But it is faster, and the fact that I can be doing other things whilst Siri is doing the legwork for me is, frankly, brilliant.

    I think the future is definitely “voice control” – not just in phones, but in other tech – especially at home.  We’ve seen it in countless movies and wished that one day we could have the same in our homes.  I can definitely see it happening. 

  2. Chris33 says:

    Apple is being deceptive and greedy because they are intentionally holding off on working Siri to its full potential. Siri is capable of being very useful and doing much more, it can easily give directions like a GPS navigator and control every function built in to the iphone but if they did that then there wouldnt be many reasons for people to buy the next updated iphone 5 and beyond.

    This is what annoys me about apple, people who pay good money for it are still missing out on having a phone at its full potential simply because Apple chooses to hold back on giving away too much too soon, its all just a money making game.

    Same story with the ipad, I was shocked when i realised i could not plug in any usb devices into the ipad or uplad anything from a usb stick or use any type of memory or sd cards with it and i bet they are planning on all that in the future releases of the ipad.

    I feel sorry for people who keep upgrading their iphones everytime apple decides to bring out a new one with better features, its a waste of money and if people could boycot this type of behaviour maybe Apple would show all their cards in their prodcuts instead of holding back.

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