The Future Smartphone Story 2012: Best Ideas

What is needed in 2012 to bring the smartphone to another level, as we all know smartphones are getting smarter but what can 2012 bring to the table? This is where we decided to start the “The Future Smartphone Story 2012: Best Ideas”, let the story become reality begin.

We need features that will blow us away, NFC, Siri, better and larger screens, cameras etc are very good at the moment, but we want you to think out of the box and give us the features that should happen next year.

We have asked our readers on social networks such as Facebook and Google+, what features they would like to see in 2012, and some are very interesting indeed. We will keep names private, but these are some of the best ideas so far.

One reader says Siri is not that good at all, the reader was more blunt than this but we have to be nice. He said four of his mates have Siri Assistant and four of the used it for the first day and it didn’t really understand everything so they’ve moth balled it! So taking this comment in, what features would be needed for 2012 smartphones?

Readers Ideas: How about user-friendly basic commands, file managing, the equivalent of the “right-button-click. Someone else said how about weather features like thermometer or barometer.

A projector that can show content anywhere on the air, a much better stereo speaker system, TV channel receivers, and a built in FM tranceiver for iPhone thought this should have happened much earlier…

The demo videos of Siri reminded me of KITT in Knight Rider, and I’d love to see it get more like that, someone replied to this with “Yes more voice and much less actual typing. Especially as a person with Parkinson’s Disease, I would find that truly life-altering.”

Other Possible Features:

1. What about phone that could dock in your cars steering wheel… then navigate you to your destination….

2. Flexible touch screens allowing interaction to a whole new level, fold/unfold the phone like a sheet of paper, and create 3D solid maps.

Have you got any ideas of what features you would like to see in 2012 smartphones?


4 thoughts on “The Future Smartphone Story 2012: Best Ideas”

  1. Abidmahm says:

    Better, longer battery life.Not much point in having so many features in your phones,when needed most ie in an emergency it doesn’t have any battery.

  2. I was watching a documentary awhile ago with a guy saying that he doesn’t need to know where a file is stored, what dll is missing, but he needs to interact with a computer and in this case with a smartphone as with the AI where voice commands and dialogue will be all that is needed. Something like Siri or Iris but much better.

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