iOS 5 slowing iPhone 4 and 4S complaints

Those that own the Apple iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S have been experiencing problems since downloading and installing the new iOS 5 a few weeks back, and we want to share with you a few complaints that are coming in and what we can do to help those.

We have received so many emails about iOS 5 slowing iPhone 4 and 4S complaints, we have even had many comments coming in via our Phones review Facebook page and my personal Google+ page.

Most of the complaints steer towards their iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S devices being very slow indeed since upgrading to iOS 5, and we have to stand by what they are saying because we experienced the same issue.

Loading of web pages were very slow, some apps would open and then close, we here at Phones Review are using the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S and got to say they have slowed up considerably, but there is an answer to speed up the phone to the way it was, it may not be the answer but it works.

Since the iOS 5 was put onto our devices we tried to figure out what was slowing the process, we found that it is not solely down to the operating system but the iCloud.

We turned OFF iCloud on both the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, as well as the Apple iPad and MacBook Air, since doing so speeds are back to normal.

Maybe you should all try turning of iCloud and see how this works for you. Hope this helps you? Personally why give us a new service if we have to switch off because of Mr. Slowness.

Please let us know if you are having problems with your devices since downloading the new iOS 5 update.


113 thoughts on “iOS 5 slowing iPhone 4 and 4S complaints”

  1. RayFar says:

    My iPhone 4 is so slow after upgrade to IOS 5, it’s driving me crazy. I have done everything from many resets, to completely restoring to original configuration, to turning off iCloud, and sync, etc. No change. It takes 10 seconds to open any application, even Apple’s own like Mail and Settings. If I can find a way to go back to IOS 4, I’ll do it right away.

  2. varun says:

    i am having no issues regarding the slowing down my iphone 4 but the problem is about the sms tone it comes as if its getting jamed and its taking long too with it.

  3. Indridcold65 says:

    I have an Original iPad and two iPhones – a 3g and a 4.  ALL the devices are experiencing lag issues… I can’t speak too much on the 3G bcuz my bf uses it and I asked him and his answer was a puzzle.  Speaking on my own behalf – my iPad and iPhone both have issues … opening text messages sometimes won’t display the most recent for like 10 seconds or more, pressing the numbers on the unlock screen sometimes it unresponsive for quite a bit of time, apps open and close down but stay running in the background, general slowness in all application GUI’s – especially right after waking the phone up.  I’m a pretty patient person so if I’m noticing it – it must be there. 

  4. Sai4tony says:

    Very upset that after the upgrade to IOS 5 on my iphone 4, it just slowed down, SIRI stopped working and so did some other apps I tried.  Need a fix…. pleaseeeeeeeeee

  5. Irreloh says:

    My Iphone4 has also slowed down somewhat since having IOS5 installed.  The most irritating part is that updates for apps don’t actually download anymore!  They just hang, and are never updated.

  6. Fredrik. says:

    Disabling iCloud seems to have worked for me: speeds are back to normal. Thanks a lot for the tip!! 🙂

    For those who haven’t done this yet: to disable iCloud go into Settings – iCould – (scroll all the way down) Delete Account. You then get the option to keep or delete the information on the iPhone that was stored in iCloud.  

  7. JKidd says:

    I also noticed my Iphone4 slowed down after installing IOS5. I swithed oof Icloud but noticed no difference. The apps for some game’s responsiveness (ex. when swiping) noticed to have a second lag time behind. Anybody knows if Apple is doing anything to sort this out? Can i go back to the previous mobile operating system? Thanks!

  8. JKidd says:

    I also noticed my Iphone4 slowed down after installing IOS5. I swithed oof Icloud but noticed no difference. The apps for some game’s responsiveness (ex. when swiping) noticed to have a second lag time behind. Anybody knows if Apple is doing anything to sort this out? Can i go back to the previous mobile operating system? Thanks!

  9. Heartsky says:

    I have the same problemes and when i turning off iCloud no change for me and when i turn off AppleStore’s Connexion, it’s less bad, but i have some apps close just after start too,so i try to downgrad  without succcess.  i have an iphone 4g, so i wait an ios5.x

  10. Ibyte_2 says:

    i just turned off iCloud in my iPhone4… so far it’s processing faster (almost back to how it was before).  thanks for the tip.  will continue to monitor and see if there will be other issues.

  11. Polarbreeze says:

    I can report that I have exactly the same slow-down problems with iOS5 – and it is definitely an issue with iCloud. For example, when I click on a day in the calendar app in order to enter a new event, my phone freezes for a very long time. Then just as I’m about to give up, it comes back to life again. It’s as though it goes off to check with iCloud before it will let me into my calendar. When I am not connected to the network (and therefore my phone isn’t “phoning home” to iCloud), this slow-down issue does not occur. This bug is really a huge nuisance because typically when it happens I’m trying to enter an appointment with someone right there in front of me and they have to wait and tap their feet while I try to get my iPhone to come back to life. I have to apologize for keeping them waiting. Also it’s bad publicity for Apple because of course I have to tell them I’m waiting for the stupid iPhone.

  12. Chislee says:

    After installed IOS5, my 3GS had been shut-ed down automatically by the system, on -and off numerous times during a day. re-installed the IOS5, after 2 days, it happened again.  My phone is still under warranty, so I took it to shop and exchanged for a new one.  Same thing happen to me.  Totally helpless.  

  13. Philipshambrook says:

    Same here.  Been trying to download some podcasts through Downcastapp,  They were very slow until I turned off iCloud.  Now they’re fair sprinting down!

    1. Ben says:

      that’s because the iPad 1 doesn’t have an underclocked A4 Chip in it. the A4 chip in the iPhone 4 is underclocked to 800MHz so that the iPhone 4 doesn’t overheat.  Where as the iPad 1 doesn’t need to be underclocked because it has enough internal space so that it doesn’t overheat.  Therefore the iPad 1 is locked in at 1GHz and hence the reason your iPad 1 has better download speeds than the iPhone 4.

  14. Kizzle says:

    I did not enable iCloud when the OS asked me to. Some of my games are running VERY choppy now (although a friend suggested the game manufacturer needs to update their app for iOS5), but my camera on my iPhone 4, if it’s in video mode, takes FOREVER to open. It used to be relatively quick.

  15. Qtm53 says:

    Took your advice & turned off iCloud on my 4S. That sped the phone back up, BUT, interestingly enough, my husband’s 4S has iCloud turned on, & his was never slow. We’re both running 5.0.1. Go figure…

  16. DVS says:

    I have a 3GS with extreme sluggishness and many instances of locking up since I installed ios5. The only way to improve the speed with ios5 is to TURN OFF ICLOUD AND TURN OFF AS MANY GPS ENABLED APPS YOU HAVE. This will help dramatically but should not have to be the solution. The only solution is a fix or buy an I phone 4s

  17. Miki says:

    iphone sucks! I already have disabled iCloud, but everything still goes very slow (I have installed ios 5.01). With Steve Jobs such things didn’t happen! We should start thinking moving to Windows Phone…

    1. NCiJosh says:

      Give me a break. Please. Act like an adult or go ahead and overreact like a child and run to another phone. And I agree with Chriscross – get your facts straight.

  18. Josephine Lexner says:

    Anyone having problems after updating to the newest software with receiving texts? I have an iphone 4 and i cant receive any texts that is send from a 4s, but they receive mine

    1. Rithgiz says:

      yes i have the same kind of problem, the message tone’s also got goofed up, it reiterates at least thrice before it rings in its normal fashion.

      1. Me says:

        I have the same problem with repeating message tones. It sounds terrible. Apple couldn’t explain it, so gave me a new hand set. I’ve set the new phone up from scratch. But still having the same issue.

        Could it be because I am on pay as you go? That seems to be the only logical answer?

        Can anyone help?

  19. Coperario says:

    Some of iPhone 3GS very slow since iOS5 but not all: phone, texts, contacts, calendar, page loading as before; certain apps and Guardian crossword very slow.  iCloud on/off makes no difference (though didn’t work, apparently because my PC is XP), wifi sync doesn’t work (maybe same reason?).  No GPS apps.

  20. I have had the problem with the slow device moving really slow and also skipping songs. I decided to transfer all my content to my computer and restore as new. I didn’t want to do it but it resolved the problem. I lost my text messages but if you are currently using iCloud or have AT&T messaging app I believe you should be able to get those back. Now the problem I have is the wifi Sync is a bit too slow for me and occasionally my apps crash. 

  21. lutyflute says:

    My 3GS, keeps shutting down & when i turn it back on it tells me that i have no battery life, until i plug it in then i comes back to life showing that there wasn’t a problem with the battery as fully charged,
    This is all since i install the newest update and icloud.
    Major pain, as sometimes if i don’t have my charger to hand, i’m without a phone until i get home, which defeats the object of having a phone !!!!!!!!!

    1. Regloor@gmail.com says:

      This is so weird cause I have the issues that everyone is having when my daughter had the iPhone 3 she had the same thing happen to her phone. I thought I was the only one that had these problems apple really should fix these problems

  22. Leigh44 says:

    My i phone 4 will not connect to virgin media wifi, will not pair to another phone right next to it on Bluetooth and been sending same email for two days, still sending it.
    can anybody help ?

  23. Rebel_jackson21 says:

    hopefully im not speaking to soon, but i also have a 4s and i turned off i cloud and rebooted it like one of the previous comments said and i am no longer having problems with ANYTHING being slow.

  24. New IPhone 4s User says:

    why when I downloading application from Apps store (with WIFI on)to my IPhone 4s, the file status keep showing”waiting” instead of loading ? I hv deleted and reinstalled ,same problem appeared too. Anyone can advise me ?

    1. Regloor@gmail.com says:

      Please anyone that knows what to do respond I have the same problem I have 20 songs& videos that are in waiting mode and they happen to be my favorite. I went to the Apple store and they tried to help me but said it could be in the waiting mode due to the new iPad ,and to try again later. That was weeks ago and my music still won’t load:(

  25. Dcomstock1 says:

    I just bought a brand new 4S 4 days ago through Verizon.  From the very beginning, all internet and even loading the app store is extremely slow!  I am trying to download my first song through itunes and it had taken over 15 minutes!  And it doesn’t seem to matter signal strength because it is slow every single place I’ve tried to use it.  I don’t think it’s a matter of new software on old phones either.  Part of the reason I went from a Droid 2 to the iPhone 4s was because of the iCloud and some of the glitches with the Droid.  So far I’m not impressed with the iPhone and may go back to my Droid 2.  It was way faster!

  26. Jasmine cole says:

    I have a new iPhone 4S from Christmas so the speed with normal things like Internet and texting is fine it’s just YouTube it’s not my signal or iCloud because I don’t use that it’s just YouTube has to buffer every 3 seconds no joke and I have to keep going back to the beggining about 10 times to watch a 5 min clip I hate it

    1. Regloor@gmail.com says:

      Yes this also I has happen to me n my daughter had the IPhone 4 and her You Tube doesn’t have that problem I would think since my is the 4s I wouldn’t have that problem. WHAT GIVES!!!!

  27. Vicky says:

    My parner an I both have 4S and are experienceing problems messaging each other. I can message non I phones easy but my text / I messages do not deliner to him so I end up trying to send and send and then call out of frustration. I’ve had my phone 2 days and am ready to take it back. Can anyone help?

  28. Justmetobe_72 says:

    I just got my Iphone 4s three days ago.  Trying to upload pictures to facebook is nearly impossible.  Also, trying to get into the app store is another no go, just spins and spins….  I have been trying to get into the app store for 5 minutes and it is still “loading’, absolutely ridiculous……

  29. I have an iPhone 4S and whenever I try to install an Application It gets stuck on the waiting comment.. it never changes to the installing and blue bar that fills up as its downloading. Phone always worked properly but not anymore, since last week I think. Ive tried logging off and back into Apple store. Ive tried a few things I found online and nothing works. Any ideas?

    1. Sere says:

      Same problem here with both apps and songs that stay stuck in “waiting” mode. It’s pretty annoying! And i agree that it’s since two weeks or so. Aroind the time of the update for iOS 5.1

      1. Regloor@gmail.com says:

        Yes I have that same issuse I have 20 songs that are in waiting mode and they happen to be my fave songs how do I resolve this issue I even took my 4S to the apple store n they couldnt figure out why my songs were waiting they blame it on the new iPad launch. I wish someone would help me also

  30. well to save someone some heart ache, I restored the phone to standard (not from a back up), and it works normally, so it definitely is software related. I am trying to restore now back t my back up with all my settings on there. See how we go with that. Thanks Tweet me with questions on how to do it!

  31. Mmgreen16 says:

    I’ve had nothing but problems like this since I got my iphone 4s a week ago.  Im not sure what you mean by turn the icloud off.  Help?

  32. Jo says:

    Hi,I just downloaded version iOS 5 to my apple iphone which previously had the 4s version & worked sweet as. But now it wont connect to the internet at all. Ive rung up 2 degrees & gone through all of the manual settings, which are correct,turned off icloud,turned the phone off & on etc but still no go. Any ideas/help pleeeaaassseee?? Thanks Jo

  33. Katelyn says:

    It’s sad, really, because I never had the iCloud on anyway. Too bad the newer iOS’ are pretty shitty. I would’ve though twice about upgrading it, then. So, as many others would say,”Fuck you, Apple.”

  34. Rachel says:

    Just deleted my iCloud account from my phone and it a world of a difference! Gonna continue with a bit of housekeeping cause I think mine could also be lack of space! But thus advice made a huge difference already.

  35. Roofingbloke says:

    very poor signal, i am on my forth i phone in six weeks, also 5 x sim cards, whats happening, vodapone are saying its something i am doing !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Rene says:

    I had AT&T iphone 3GS and messaging kept freezing.  I switched to iphone 4s and it’s doing the same thing.  This is aggravating and expensive.  I want a fix!

  37. confused iphone user says:

    my iphone4’s screen is turning blue. it just stays blue even after holding down the power button and the home button. the apple symbol shows up and then turns blue. I’ve called apple, at&t, and they both have no clue! Any ideas? HELP!!!

  38. Charis_thoma says:

    I just got a brand new iPhone 4s 2 days ago and everything was so slow when I opened things and nothing would load properly, there was no internet connection aswell. So I turned my wifi off and everything started working fine!!! So weird!! So I’d suggest try turning your wifi off completely and see if it helps 🙂 … You shouldn’t delete iCloud cause then nothing is backed up! 🙂

  39. Klsnider88 says:

    Been having problems since the update. I had iphone envy for 3 years and finally switched to AT&T almost 2 years ago. I got my beloved Iphone and have never had any issue until this update. I upgraded to the 4 in Dec-loved it happy!! Then for about the last month it just went to crap! Seems like it went gradually….I have been hatin’ on my beloved phone the past 2weeks! Very irritated, spent so much time going through all the settings thinking I changed something. Finally last night googled my issues and it brought me here. THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! MY BABY IS BACK!!! Deleted the icloud as suggested by others and the change was immediate!! Loading websites faster, typing this as I speak is greatness!

  40. Carmonaoswaldo says:

    This help me a lot, every time I wanted to watch a video it was so slow even do I have a high speed Internet service, thanks a lot.

  41. Nickjdunn says:

    I am about to try it but omg I updated months ago but in the last 2 weeks my phone has slowed down to a baby crawl and I had no idea why!?

  42. M4martin says:

    I think apple are doing this deliberately I had the same problem when I upgraded my 3G I’m not going to upgrade my 4 but it has slowed down in the last couple of week

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